Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim


Dua'a Ahad


al-Mahdi Imam Sahibuz Zamaan (A.S)

O Allah!
Lord of the ever persevering light,
Lord of the highest heaven,
Lord of the seas, moving up and down, back and forth, in unbroken line;
Who sent down Tawrat Injil and Zabur,

Lord of restful nights and warm busy days,
Who sent down the meaningful Qur’an,
Lord of the favourite angels, prophets and messengers.

O Allah!
I beseech thee,
In the name of thy kind “ways and means”,
In the name of the light of Thy brilliant superior most being,
And Thy ever-lasting kingdom

O Ever living!
O self subsisting!
I beseech Thee in the name of Thy name,
Which gives light in the heavens and the earths;
And in the name of Thy name,
Which sets the people (of all times) on the right path,
From the beginning to the end.

O Ever Living who was (ever)
There before life was created (by Him).

O Ever-living who shall be (for Ever) there when life (of all kinds)
Shall die.

O Ever-living who is ever existing
Even when no life shall exist;

O He who brings the dead to life,
And puts the living to death.

O Ever-living!
There is no god save Thou.

O Allah convey to our Mawla,
The rightly guided Imam,
Blessings of Allah be on him,
And on his pure forefathers,
From all the believing men and believing women, living in the easts and the wests,
in the valleys, over the mountains,
on the land, over the seas,
and as well as from me and my parents, blessings as sublime as the throne of Allah and as comprehensive as the words of Allah which His book contains.

O Allah! I turn to him again,
On the morning of this day, I always cling to the pledge,
The promise and the bargain, I made with him, inclined towards
Him, solicitous for His help;
Neither turning my eyes, not ever
Letting it go waste.

O Allah include me among those
Who will help him,
Assist him,
Rally round him,
And will, in no time,
Carry out him commands;
And strictly follow his
Out of love and reverence for him,
And will try to overtake one
Another to serve his purpose
And will pronounce the profession of faith in his presence.  

O Allah! If death comes first
In between me and him,
Because death is an inevitable
Certainty for Thy servants,
Raise me from my grave, wearing
The shroud,
My sword in my hand, fully
Protected by reason of my
Obedience to Allah,  
Answering to the call of the
Summoning authority,
Inciting all people living near and

O Allah! Give me the
Opportunity to look the face of
The rightly guided guide,
The dawn of a new awaited era;
And make me see clearly the
Face of the kind and loving divine

(Please) send him just now, make easy his arrival,
give him full powers to carry out
Thy purpose,
Put into circulation his thesis and
Establish his authority,
Stand up for his motive and creed.

O Allah! Fill Thy land with him,
Bring to life again Thy servants.
Verily Thou said,
And Thy words are true and
“Corruption and mischief appear on land and sea because (of the evil) which men’s hands have done.”

O Allah, make distinctly visible,
For us, Thy appointed authority,
The son of the daughter of Thy
Named Muhammad, after the
Name of Thy messenger, so that
He rests not after getting the
Better of the forces of evil,
Until he tears them to pieces,
Makes clear the truth, and fulfils
His duty in letter and spirit.

O Allah! Make him the ultimate
Refuge of the oppressed mankind;
The helper of those who dispute
Not in the truth that there is no
Helper save Thou;
Who deals with everything
According to the prescribed  laws,
Never putting aside the commandments of Thy ‘BOOK’
And gives convincing facts and grounds, always relying upon the
Knowledge of Thy religion.
Following the way of life of Thy Prophet,
Blessings of Allah be on him and
His children.

O Allah! Keep him safe from
Hostility of adversaries.
O Allah! Make happy Thy prophet, Muhammad;
Blessings of Allah be on him and
On his children,
By making known his beautiful aspect and vision, and let those who obey his call also rejoice in him, and blind us to his loyalty as soon as he comes in this world,

O Allah! Put an end to the
Sufferings of people by his
Physical presence,
And take us quickly to his
Promised kingdom (Zuhoor).
“Verily they behold it afar off, while I behold it nigh”, through Thy mercy,

O the most merciful.
(now recite the following three times)
Come quick, come quick,
O our Mawlaa,
O Imam Sahibuz Zamaan.
(the reciter is advised to strike his/her thigh with the palm of the right hand at every recital).

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