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Short stories

Summer time at the sea

The days were bright and hot; and the sky was ...

The gap

She was alone in the study of the Hmong  Center ...

The hunting trip

This story took place while I was staying with my Hmong relatives in Chiangmai, Thailand, in 1977.

Working for the CIA

It was 1968.  I was on vacation from my high school studies in Australia. I had left Laos 3 years earlier to study ...

White lies and silence

I was sitting in the tiny kitchen of our small apartment, thinking ..

The bear that became friends with the fish

This is a short story submitted by an 8 year old Hmong / Chinese girl.


Short Stories

My first venture into creative writing at the ripe young age of 16 was a short story called “Summer Time at the Sea” which I put here on this website for a number of years now.  I received a high school prize for it at the time, and was so impressed with my achievement that I promised myself to become a short story writer for the rest of my life.    

Unfortunately, life has its own delaying twists and turns so that I did not publish another short story again until 37 years later in 2005 with “White Lies and Silence”!  Since then, I have been encouraged to write a few more, especially by Dyane Garvey, the executive director of  Paj Ntaub Voice, the Hmong literary magazine based in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Although most of my academic writings have been “serious stuff”, she thinks I have a “funny” bone hidden somewhere in my system and if I am tickled enough, the humorous side of me would come out in my writings.

 So here they are and I do hope you find them funny….. as well as scary.

1.  The Gap:  poking fun at middle-age Hmong male fantasies and Hmong history.

2.  The Hunting Trip:  have you ever gone hunting for porcupines at night?

3.  Working for the CIA: sleeping in the dark atop a bulldozed Hmong cemetery.

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