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Lub siab tsis teb

Tsis xav hais tias ntau niaj ntau xyoo tau nrhau tag...

The lost beloved

You are born like a young orphaned sparrow...

To a distant muse

You are my inspiration with lofty sights...

While you sleep

Looking at you sleep in the calm evening...

Search for the dream

Here I am, looking at you, Young, smiling and bright...

Time is silent

As I was looking at the cold winter rain...


To our children


Why do you ask

You ask why I keep wanting your love...

Poems 2007 (New)

11 new poems added


To Our Children
(By Gary Yia Lee)

On a beautiful day you suddenly appear
Knocking gently on our door, you say
“Here we are, coming from far and near.
You are our home, and with you we will stay”
Greeting your smile, quickly we all embrace
“Welcome to your home, your little place” 

Your father and mother are so happy
Knowing how we are blessed and lucky
“We will make restful your every day

For you have come such a long way.
We will give you all our love and care
You will get all that we have to share”

You come down from riding on a cloud
To you all, we can now say out loud
“We are never so pleased or proud
Our home, you will become a loving part
Our family you will help make a great start.
Welcome, welcome into our waiting heart”

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