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Lub siab tsis teb

Tsis xav hais tias ntau niaj ntau xyoo tau nrhau tag...

The lost beloved

You are born like a young orphaned sparrow...

To a distant muse

You are my inspiration with lofty sights...

While you sleep

Looking at you sleep in the calm evening...


Search for the dream


Time is silent

As I was looking at the cold winter rain...

To our children

On a beautiful day you suddenly appear...

Why do you ask

You ask why I keep wanting your love...

Poems 2007 (New)

11 new poems added


Searching for the Dream
(By Gary Yia Lee) 

Here I am, looking at you,
Young, smiling and bright
Like the shining summer dew
Drizzling in the morning light.

For one long moment we stare
Two lovers passing in the night
Wishing for the heart to dare
Longing for the soul to fly.

You are kind, you are loving
Together we grow and thrive
Our love is warm and willing
Our hearts are strong and alive

But why the good days do not last
As all too quickly time flies past?
It seems we only meet yesterday
But destiny has its separate way

Once more I stand here alone
Watching the years coming undone
But always my love remains strong
For itís with you that I belong

But you have left me to wander
When time leaves us asunder
Here I am, searching for love anew
Striving once again to hold onto you

Grasping at the dream one last time
I want to reach for love sublime
Will you give us one more chance
So we can renew lifeís lasting dance?

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