Our quarterly newsletter has for many years been an important means of communication between members. Here we trace its evolution.

April 1960

Our first "news letter"was called a "Progress Report and Newsletter to our Members". It comprised 7 typed sheets each about 16 cm by 18 cm. A fragment is opposite.




November 1962

First newsletter set out as a magazine - 12 pages in half Foolscap. Called "West Australian Wildflower Growers Society (Inc) Newsletter" Price 6 pence.

February 1963 .

Name changed to "West Australian Wildflower Society Newsletter"


May 1963

Name Changed to "W.A. Wildflower News"




August 1964

Size reduced to 12.5 by 18 cm.
First issue with a volume number.
Beginning of the tradition of representing a plant on the front page





August 1976

Return to larger size - about 1/2 foolscap.

Name changed to "Western Australian Wildflower Society"






May 1978.The first "modern" newsletter with text composed on a computer and printed with a multi-pin printer. The current A5 size was introduced with this issue.

August 1981 "Newsletter" added to title



February 1988.Changed to an inkjet or a laser printer for better fonts.

August 1990. Sequence of words in title changed to "Wildflower Society of Western Australia Newsletter".


To view to current format, see articles from recent issues.

From November 1962


From Vol 16 number 2.