Some recommended links



Our "parent body"- lots of  information about native plants ANPSA
ANPSA's on-line newsletter Australian Plants newsletter
ANPSA's study groups Australian Plants study groups
The ANPSA site has links to the other states plus some background on climate. But we thought you might like to go to other state sites directly: Victoria. New South Wales. Queensland. South Australia. Tasmania. Australian Capital Territory


The Society has a facebook page. If you are already a member of facebook, try clicking here to display the page. Otherwise, you can find our page using the search panel (after you have logged in).


Details on wildflower events, holiday guide, walking trails, tours, accomodation Touring with wildflowers
The Albany Branch of the Society Albany Branch
Mandurah Wildflower Group Mandurah Wildflower Group
Albany Tourist Information Albany tourist pages
Tourist opportunities in the area north of Perth


Wildflower Country



The Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife.   Choc. full of information on Western Wildlife. Check out the section on National Parks and especially "previous parks of the month". This site also has a directory of tour operators. DPAW (previously DEC)
For detailed plant descriptions, photos and distribution maps Florabase
For details of the famous park and botanic garden near the heart of Perth Kings Park
Western Australian Tourist Commission General tourist interests and Wildflower interests
The Western Wildflowers website has been developed as a cooperation between the Shire of Moora and Western Wildflower Farm in Coomberdale. The Western Wildflowers website
This site is about a piece of near-coastal bushland with some fine old Tuart trees


Friends of Trigg Bushland .



Terrific site with lots and lots of good pics of Perth plants in a searchable data base. Kensington bushland.
Many photos here of some of our fascinating plants. Photos 
Some very nice photos from Nindethana seed service. More photos.

Nicely presented photos mainly from the South Coast near Ravensthorpe


South Coast.



A site for bushwalkers with details also of many good wildflower locations in the Perth Region (Maps and Photos) WalkGPS
The web site with lots of information about wattles(Acaias). All about wattles.
WOW - is it a Weed Or a Wildflower Environmental Weeds Action Network   
Learn how to grow our plants Seminars
People who will help you design your native garden OzScapes
All about fungi that help plants obtain nutrients mycorrhizas
Download a dictionary to tell your Word Processor how to spell - so you don't have to. How to Spell Plant Names