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From time to time, the Wildflower Society of WA initiates campaigns, or it lends its support to the campaigns of others.
You can find details of our earlier Save our Bushland campaign on our Bushland page.

On a smaller scale, we are constantly participating in the conservation and preservation of our native flora and details of this can be found on our Conservation Matters page.

Campaign involvements will now be listed on this page.

State barrier fence campaign - technical paper, December 17, 2012

The WA Government is beginning a massive infrastructure project which will harm wildlife in and adjoining the Great Western Woodlands. The project was announced in April 2010, without any public consultation or independent environmental or economic assessment or review of alternatives. The existing 1,170 km State Barrier Fence is being substantially modified, and a 160 km extension is already being constructed. A further extension, of up to 730kms, is planned to cross woodlands and wildlife habitats from east of Ravensthorpe to Cape Arid, east of Esperance. A small number of farmers have lobbied for the construction of the fence to stop emus, dingoes, other native wildlife and feral dogs from entering their properties. The WA Minister for Agriculture, Terry Redman, has already committed over $5 million to support construction of this Extension. The full cost of the proposed fence is unclear, but would likely run to tens of millions of dollars for construction, with significant ongoing maintenance costs.

The program of State Barrier Fence upgrades and extensions should not continue. The program is cruel, unscientific and uneconomic. Instead, funding already allocated should be redirected to developing alternative solutions which equitably support both the environment and agriculture.
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