How to buy books from us

There are several ways to buy our books

1 You can choose the books you want from our list. To buy on-line using a secure link, just click on the relevant price (member/non-member). We provide two kinds of lists. If you know which book(s) you want. use our alphabetical list. If you know the kind of book you want, use the list sorted by category.

2 Or you can come to our office at Perry House on Tuesday or Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm and browse in the shop.

3 You can peruse the lists - and then come to our office and buy the books.

4 You can choose the books, email us for a cost of postage, then mail us a cheque

• In the order form, each price is a separate link to our "shopping cart". Click on the appropriate price (member/non-member). The relevant book, and price, will be added to the cart.

• Then click on the "Continue shopping" button on the cart to choose more books. You can "review your purchases" at any stage and follow the instructions to remove any purchase from the cart.

• And when you are ready, you can proceed to complete the purchase.

• Confidential information, such as your credit card details, will be transmitted over secure links. When we receive your order, we will post you the books and add the cost of postage to your account.

All prices include GST