50 Uses for a brick

First the easy ones:-

Building a:

- house
- church
- school
- red brick university
- hospital
- pier
- chimney
- fireplace
- brick wall
- furnace
- pizza oven
- kiln
- footings
- tower
- pedestal
- book case
- sewerage tunnel
- aqueduct
- bridge
- steps
- bbq
- sculpture
- barricade

brick chimney

The following uses for a brick required a bit more thinking:-

Still life
Item for creative thinking
Web page background (do you like my example?)
Ships ballast
Door stop
Book ends
Flower bed edging
Bed legs
Brick rubble
Paper weight
Frottage (as in art technique)
Sex toy for masochists
Write a song about 50 uses for a brick
Drawing /painting on
Nut cracker
Heavy duty post-card
Fly swatter
Kitten compactor (just kidding!)
Platform shoes
Remote-control for other people’s children
Pillow (for heavy breathers)

And now I will count bricks until I fall asleep!