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About Us

The Wyandotte Club of Australia has a proud history of being the oldest breed club in Australia, serving one of the most popular breeds of poultry in the world. The Wyandotte comes in a range of colours captured in a body of curves making it undoubtedly the most beautiful exhibition breed today, not forgetting the wonderful utility qualities as a layer of brown tinted eggs & a plump delicious carcass.

The Wyandotte Bantam is very popular as a show fowl due to the availability in 24 recognised colours with several more currently being developed. The large fowl is regularly shown in at least 12 colours, with all colours owing their origin to the Silver Laced Wyandotte first standardised in 1883 in their country of origin, America.

The Silver Laced was first exhibited in Australia in 1888 and has the honour of winning the first laying test at the Hawkesbury College.

Much has been written about the Wyandotte over the years extolling its virtues. However, little has been written about the Club & the contribution it has made to the popularity of the breed.

The Wyandotte Club was the first club to print a Manual or Handbook on the breed, being a leader in this field it set the standard for other clubs to follow. This tradition has been maintained with the release (March, 2002) of a new Handbook followed by a Colour Guide in 2009 (2nd Edition, 2018) and our Centenary Book - Wyandottes, History, Breeding and Exhibition in 2015.

The main objectives of the club are:

1. To produce a quarterly newsletter that members would look forward to receiving, this has been done with the help of some dedicated breeders, comprising of articles, Show information and Breeder profiles and includes both colour and black and white photos.

2. Publication of a Yearbook comprising of Show results and reports, photos, articles, to record the year that was.

3. Maintain a website which would showcase our club and its members.

4. To hold a regular National Show, the first of which was held in Albury, NSW on the last weekend of June, 2002. To reintroduce an Annual Show, the first to be held in 2011.

The following clubs are working for the advancement of the breed and affiliated with the Wyandotte Club of Australia:

The Hunter Valley Wyandotte Club, NSW
The Central West Wyandotte Club, NSW
The Wyandotte Club of Victoria
The Central Victorian Wyandotte Club
The Western Australian Wyandotte Fanciers Association
The Wyandotte Club of Tasmania
The Wyandotte Club of Queensland
The South Australian Wyandotte Club

If you have an interest in Wyandottes, no matter where you live we would like to hear from you so we can be a truly Australia wide club.

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