September, 1998
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Thanks for your responses !!!!!
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Due to your incredible responses and tremendous enthusiasm for the whip making courses, it is looking good for several courses to be run during the June / July period for the Full 5 day whip making course and I'll try and do a couple of 2 day weekender modified kit courses.

Locations are still not set, but I hope to settle specific locations within the next few weeks. To date, over 180 inquiries have been made and below I have listed a representation graphic of the ratio for geographic areas.

Map of inquiry locations

As can be seen from the map, the areas of NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA and TEXAS have the greatest representation. While this will not suit every one it is a good start to state that all three of these areas are under consideration for a full whip making course each. I would like to cater for the other areas in someway so it would be advisable for those people to contact me as soon as is possible about this.

It is important that people interested in courses at these locations start suggesting specific cities/towns/areas as I would like to investigate and confirm locations soon.

Venue suggestions thus far have been sparse, NOW is the time to contact me regarding suggestions. As mentioned in previous postings, it would be ideal to have camping ground available that has good accommodation facilities and an indoor area for all of us to fit comfortably, it should also be close to a town (with a good pub !). You may have a much better suggestion.

The Courses will be available in two forms:

  1. "From HIDE to CRACK" - A full whip making course over 5 days taking in the steps that involve turning a leather hide in to a high quality 12 plait Kangaroo leather whip. Two whips will be made, an "Indy Cobra" and a "Head Stockman"
  1. "Modified Whip Making Course" - This modified course will be focused on building a partially made kit form of the "Indy Cobra" over a two day weekend period.
Full details and proposed daily schedules will be posted within the coming week.

Course objectives ("From HIDE to CRACK")

Participants will take home the following: ("From HIDE to CRACK")


Course objectives (" Modified 2 Day")

Participants will complete an 12 plait "Indy Cobra" from a specialy designed kit under my direct supervision, this will include the following:

(Kit consists of a pre made belly, 12 strand "Set", fall and all necessary components to fully complete an Indy Cobra)

1. Learn how to work with Bark tanned Kangaroo leather

2. The "Belly" - How it is made and why.

3. Plaiting the outer 12 strand body learning and using both the "drop strand" and "tapered strand" method of plaiting a whip.

4. Attaching a "Fall" and fall design/purpose.

5. Rolling a whip after plaiting.

6. "Turks Head" knots - both internal and terminal.

7. Crackers and their attachment, influences and design.

8. Breaking in a new whip.

9. Basic Whip cracking.

10. Care for whips - Soaps and oils

Participants will also receive:

1. Signed Certificate of course completion.

2. One license to make an "Indy Cobra" from kit form.

3. Full course notes and instructions.

4. Email/Fax/Phone support for 12 months

5. Exclusive access to purchase the "Indy Cobra" kit and license.


"From HIDE to CRACK" - $US1200 (not including accommodation) For the full 5 day course. All leather, instructions and use of special tools are included.

"Modified Whip Making Course" - $US485 (not including accommodation). Two day course over a weekend and all leather, instructions and use of any special tools are included.

Please fill in the updated form by pressing the "Comment Form" button below

Constant updates will be posted on a weekly basis (Sundays) so don't forget to press your browsers "refresh" button when checking in.

Regards and Happy Crack'n

Matt Welsby

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Go to the NEW comments and expression of interest form and send me your thoughts. If you wish to be kept up to date with the proposed courses progress just tick the appropriate box.


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