The Aussie StockWhip

12 + Plait Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips

The Real One TM series

The Australian Stockwhip is known world wide as one of the best available and feature mutiple layers of Kangaroo leather, lead weighting and plaited belly for a very controlled rollout when thrown.

Its history goes back to the early 1800's and is still the mainstay of working whips with Stockmen and cattle handlers throughout Australia. The design is very well suited to the cattle handling environment where working from horse back is the norm, its handle is often used as a prodder within the close quarters of a cattle yard.

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Three different styles


All the whips in the REAL ONES TM series share the same basic features as outlined on my whip page (12 plait, 5 layer,plaited belly,lead weighted etc.) and differ with length, trimmings and Plaits on handle.


- A no frills six footer with an eight plait exposed cane handle and high quality fall.


- Comes as a seven footer with a sixteen plait exposed cane handle and finished off with Turks Head trimmings on the handle and whip neck.


- Seven footer with three different type of plaits on a sixteen plait fully covered and balanced wooden handle. Matching plaits on whip body and handle.

Options :

Balanced handle, Two Tone, Extra plaits 16 or 20, Length - up to 10 feet, light - medium - heavy weighting, WorkingEndTM, DressEndTM

  1. Close up of knob on handle
  2. Image of double strength keeper
  3. Close up of lace work on handle (keeper end)
  4. Close up of fall attachment
  5. Detail of Plaiting work
  6. Close up of two tone whips (section)
  7. Choice of COLOURS

Prices are available by request : email to Matt Welsby (Please include your country details for exchange purposes)

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