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The Australian Stockwhip is known world wide as one of the best available and here is your chance to "Roll Your Own" and learn a highly prized skill that is centuries old. Most of the kits come in various grades of skill required, ranging from complete beginner to the professional plaiter with all the high quality leather selected and cut, ready for you to follow the detailed instructions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience

The "DROVERS" Stockwhip -

Made from superb Kangaroo hide and features a rolled belly and finished with a smooth 6plait outer. Makes a nice whip that looks great and measures 6 foot (1.82 meters) when completed.

Kit Contains :-

(1) Pre cut set (one piece, 6plait), fall and keeper.

(2) Selected and trimmed cane handle

(3) Lace for plaiting handle (6 plait)

(4) Plaiting soap, binding twine, detailed & illustrated instructions.

(5) Free E-mail support

Price $US: $89.00

Options : Xtra Length - $4.50 per foot (300mm) to maximum of 10 ft. (3m)

Colours (mono)- $5.00

The "STOCKMAN" Stockwhip kit -

If you ever wanted a "real" Stockwhip then this is it. Similar to the MHW "Real One" series that sells all over the world as a premium quality, high performance Stockwhip, made from 12 plait Kangaroo hide, 4 layer plaited Kangaroo hide belly, quality 8 plait exposed cane handle with Turks Head knob and hand strap. Comes complete with ready made 4 layer lead weighted belly, ready made handle, precision cut Kangaroo hide set with leather pre stretched, oiled and polished, to make a 6 foot (1.82meter) whip. Not recommended for the beginner.

Kit Contains :-

(1) Precision cut Kangaroo hide 12 plait set (pre - stretched, oiled & polished)

(2) Ready made 4 layer, lead weighted kangaroo hide belly

(3) High quality Redhide Fall

(4) 8 plait ready made handle with Turks head knob and hand strap

(5) Exclusive MHW "Whip Oil"

(6) Plaiting soap, detailed & illustrated instructions

(7) Free E-mail support

Price $US: $139.00

Options : Xtra Length - $6.00 per ft. (300mm) to 10 ft. (3m) / $7.50 per ft. - 11ft. (3.3m) to 15ft. (4.5m)

Colours (mono)- inclusive / Two Tone handle - $8.00

Freight : As a guide, you will expect to pay around $10.00 for Economy Air freight to your door, however, because freight costs are so variable I will let you know the exact cost when you order.

To order or further enquiry, Email Matt Welsby (Please include your country details for exchange purposes)

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