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Now with SNAKE HEAD hitch

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12 Plait priced from $US165.00

A heavy whip which features a soft flexible handle and named after one of Australia's most deadly spiders, The Redback. This little spider is black in colour with a red marker on its back with one hell of a bite and so the Redback Snakewhip comes in the exclusive black and red two tone only.

Made from high quality Kangaroo leather and features a plaited belly, Redhide core and heavy flexible handle, available as an 8, 12 or 16 plait (shown) and as all quality MHW whips have, the famous MHW knob and plaited hand strap. This whip has good performance characteristics with low and high speed cracking and excellent accuracy ability.

Comes as a 7 footer (2.1m) and can be made to 14 feet in the 12 or 16 plait models. A very high quality whip that is used by artists and entertainers or the enthusiast.

The FATBOY (TM) Snakewhip

Comming Soon !

Prices and further information are available by request : E-mail to Matt Welsby (Please include your country details for exchange purposes)

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