Exclusive to MHW (Aust.)

Genuine Bark tanned Kangaroo leather

More than 100 years of continuous generations working with
Kangaroo Leather

Original tannery - Unley, South Australia - circa 1890

For many years people have been wanting to buy the skins we use in our whip making business and only now are they available to the rest of the world at unbeatable prices, sizes and quality.

Exclusive to MHW (Aust.), these skins are specially tanned to our requirements then retanned to our original formula's for super strong leather and are ideal for many high quality leather projects that require strength, appearance and work ability such as Whip making, Saddlery, Falconry, Mask Making, Leather Tooling, Boot Making, Plaiting and Braiding.

All of these skins are "Full Grain" leather so you can see what you get not like the altered grain commonly available which hide any faults in the leather that will affect your finished project, particularly where full strength is required.

Typical MHW untrimed Kangaroo skin

Some of the hard to find features of this superb leather are:

Prices per "Table Run" unit:
MHW - Wattle Bark Tanned Kangaroo Leather Prices*
$US - per unit 2 - 9 10 - 19 20 - 34 35 - 49 50 - 99 100 +
Natural $54.95  $49.95  $44.95  $39.95  $34.95  $30.95  $27.95 
Oiled $59.00  $53.95  $48.95  $44.95  $38.95  $34.95  $30.95 
* Prices correct at time of publication - Please check for latest prices

USA - Customers Please Note
The guys at MONTANA LEATHER Co. now carry stock of this superb leather and lace so pop in and say G'Day or give them a call. Phone: (406) 245 1660 Fax: (406) 245 4109

UK - Customers please note
Our Genuine Wattle Bark hides are now available from Stock in the UK - Contact Brian Smith at "Westweald Falconry"Westweald Falconry Ph: 01732 463218 and his address is 'Wildcobs' Long Barn Road, Weald, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 6NJ England

Order inquiries to : email to Matt Welsby (Please include your country details for exchange purposes)

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