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To me, high quality whips are a very special product that are very difficult to buy off the shelf from a store with any certainty, unless the whip maker is at hand. Since I have been supplying direct to the people who use my whips for many years, I encourage you to contact me for the latest information on prices, new models and expected delivery times or to answer any specific questions you may have before purchasing, besides, it is always good to talk.
Ordering procedure:
Once you have the latest prices and have discussed your needs a deposit of 20% is required to confirm your order and the balance is payable when ready to ship. Credit cards, travellers cheques and Bank cheques are all ok. When using credit cards for payment please use the Fax or phone to transfer confidential information.


All of these items are in stock most of the time and can be dispatched within 24 hours of confirmed order. If any are not available at a particular time, they are usually dispatched within 7 days.


Matt Welsby :

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