UPDATE -  7th. Sept. 1998


Redondo Beach - Los Angeles
July 1998
Snap shot of the course attendance in Los Angeles
We learned how to work and cut out the internal structure of the belly.
Cut out and taper the belly strands then preparation for plaiting of the belly.
Well into plaiting the belly ready for the outer plait.
Plaiting the 16 plait outer - not bad for beginners !!
Concentration - A must have !
All that hard work is starting to pay off - Attaching the Fall (right)
Tom and Janine with their new whips are all ready to get Crack'n !!
Graduation Day down at the park - We just starting to have some fun with cracks coming loud and fast, until the Boys in Blue turned up with a noise complaint !
Thanks to everyone - I really enjoyed your company

New Classes in USA during October and November 1998.


- (12th - 18th October) Bookings being taken NOW.

 Contact me or Ed Luchessa asap.


- (9th - 15th November)  Bookings being taken NOW.


The Florida course has only just been open for bookings so it is suggested that you get in contact with me or Jack Matthews as soon as possible to make a booking.


Format changes

The California course as with the Florida course has changed in its format to suit most people. The course is now Monday to Friday evenings and the two days and evenings of the weekend, this should suit people with work commitments.

Contact Details

- Contact Ed Luchessa :
Email: Ed Luchessa
Phone: (310) 370 5000
- Contact Jack Matthews
Email: Jack Matthews


Matt Welsby

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