The Aussie way of making Real Whips

Whip making from Kangaroo leather in Australia is a craft that has been developed over 200 years where Kangaroos were the largest animal available, new skills were developed by having to use this resource and the Australian whip makers unique style was born.

Over the last 100 years there have been some very famous whip makers such as Reg Williams, Henderson and the greatest of them all Alec Scobie. His whips were sort after by Stockmen from all over the country often travelling thousands of miles to pick one up and many a bush campfire discusion was centered around the Scobie whip.

I was very fortunate in having access to my grandfathers diaries from when he was a third generation tanner and supplied Alec Scobie with his Kangaroo leather, these diaries contained entries on Scobie's visits and described the tannages required for different parts of his whip, from this it sparked my interest in whip making some 23 years ago and while I have developed my own style, every whip is made out of respect for the great Alec Scobie.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site and find something of interest whether it be "how to make your own whip", "what to look for when buying a whip", "learn how to crack a whip" or you may want to purchase a Real One TM .


"These are the best whips I can make"

Matt Welsby

How The Real One TM is Made

12 Plait + Kangaroo Hide Stock Whips, Bullwhips and Snakewhips

How your whip is made

As tradition dictates, the process starts with selecting a hide of high quality without blemishes, even weight and close grain. They are then tanned to specifications with the South Australian Wattle Tree Bark tannin to give a super strong but flexible hide.

The set is then cut by hand, actually two sets are cut, one for the belly and one for the 12 plait or more outer. The sets are then skived for even thickness and gently tapered followed by each strand being individually stretched, polished and treated with special oils to give a whip of exceptional quality only available from high quality Kangaroo Leather.

The Heart of your Whip - The origional 2 whips in one

As all highly skilled stockmen know, a whips quality comes from the skill and time put into making the belly which is a fully functioning whip in its own right. Low quality whips use a single piece of rolled leather or even rope for the internal belly and while these look like a whip, they cannot offer the long lasting, flexibility and control a real five layer whip can.

All MHW whips in the Real OneTM series offer traditional methods of making, including :-

With these features and our exclusive Ten Day Money Back "no questions asked" policy, combine to ensure you have one of the best whips available.

More Images of my Whips:

  1. Close up of knob on Stockwhip handle
  2. Image of double strength keeper (Stockwhip)
  3. Close up of lace work on handle (Stockwhip keeper end)
  4. Close up of fall attachment
  5. Detail of Plaiting work
  6. Close up of two tone whips (section)
  7. Choice of COLOURS


Want to hear what a real whip sounds like ? (40k .au)

Prices are available by request : email to Matt Welsby (Please include your country details for exchange purposes)

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