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Leather Craft and Bush Craft Books

Over the years of working with leather and making whips I have come accross many books which have helped during the learning years. Below is a compilation of books that I highly recommend for any genuine enthusiast interested in developing their knowledge and skills.

The Bush Leather Craft books below are full of detailed instructions on most things to do with leather including plaiting and braiding, leather carving, belt making and even how to make your own leather crafting tools.

Bush Craft is a series of volumes dedicated to the many methods used in the bush to get things done, there are plenty of good bush yarns too. These volumes are focused more on the methods of Bush Craft than instructional with hundreds of diagrams and accurate text.

Bush Leather Craft

Bush Leatherwork - Ron Edwards

Contents: Whipmaking - parts 1 and 2, Bushman's Belt Pouches, Stockman's Plaited Belt, Leather Lacing, Plaits - Round and Flat, The Secret Plait, Braided Belts, Homemade Leatherworking Tools, Rolling a thread, Counterlining Stock Saddles, Saddle Repairs.

Matt's Comment: The best instruction book I have seen anywhere - Just get it !
Price: $US29.95 - including 5meters (15ft) of high quality Kangaroo leather.
Bush Leather Craft

More Bush Leatherwork - Ron Edwards

Contents: Beginning LeatherWork, Plaiting Projects 1,2,3, Money Belts,Turks Heads, Leatherwork Designs, Bridles, Making a Saddle Tree, A Cheap and Simple Saddle.

Matt's Comment: A valuable resource for either the workshop or library.
Price: $US29.95 - including 5meters (15ft) of high quality Kangaroo leather.

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