Fishing Trip My Fishing Trip (Did you see the size of that Fish !!)

REX HUNT - Eat your heart out - You won't believe this.

"You might go green, you might even go blue, specially with the thought, we caught more than a few".

Its been a while since I had caught a fish, despite many attempts over the years I seem to have the unbelievable ability to scare fish away, you know, your on a jetty or in a boat and everyone around you is catching fish, except you !.

Well, it all changed on December 28th. 1995

The location was Cape Jervis, about a 1.5 hour drive south of Adelaide in South Australia, the occasion, well nothing really, it seemed a very "blokey" thing to do for the festive season and as it was organised only a week earlier we were all looking forward to the big day where it will be in all probability our best chance to catch some fish.

After the drive there, we met our charter and his first mate (tangles), a professional fisherman since his mid teens aged about mid thirties now and set of at about 8.15am to catch the first tide and headed for Kangaroo island, due south about 20km (13miles) off shore. Stopping about mid way in approximately 45meters of water we laid anchor, let the tide swing us around, baited hooks with salmon fillets and let the sinkers drop to the bottom.

Well it didn't take long, after about 15 minutes I got a solid pull on my line and responded with the well rehearsed "tug" and was pleasantly surprised to feel something still there and kicking, out with the gaff and pull it on board it was a small snapper and measured about 60cm (24") it would have been about 2.5kg (5lb). Within a few minutes "Rawlo" pulled up the first big one, then "Cords" pulled up one bigger again, we were all carrying on as if we were kids at a birthday party, then through frustration of not getting a bite, I started pulling up my line to check for bait, great, I was snagged on something, but wait, as I pulled, my line got tighter and suddenly I realised I had a fish and a bloody heavy one at that (that's right, I didn't even feel a bite). The battle raged, "let the line out" someone yelled, "put the brakes on" came another ernest suggestion, I did all that and line still kept going out from my unfamiliar reel, then it stopped, giving me a chance to pull in some line until it started pulling again. Half an hour had past and my arms were getting tired from constantly pulling and trying to reel in some line, everyone was pulling in more snapper around me, then suddenly we caught the first glimpse of this beast from the sea, at about a meter in depth it rolled over as if to say "you haven't got me yet" the sun reflected from its large body and everyone moved over to one side of the boat, it looked enormous with the clear water refraction, then the thoughts started, "What if the line broke", "Is the hook strong enough", before too many more came into my head "tangles" had the monster gaffed and on board. It looked even bigger and made all the other fish look small as it struggled to fit in the on board fishing crate. Its vital statistics were -: Weight 12.5kg (gutted) the skipper estimated another 2kg for the internals, making it 14.5kg (30lb), Length, taken the next day, 97cm (38 & 1/4"). HUGE !!!!!!!!!

Within the hour everyone was happy as we had caught our boat limit of snapper and the rest of the day was taken up with fishing for squid (45), salmon (we didn't get any) and the sensational tasting King George Whiting (50).

What a day.

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