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Welcome and thanks for viewing a sample range of my plaited belts. These belts are all made from Kangaroo hide leather which is famous for its strength, durability and appearance. The children belts are a particularly unique style and are becoming popular all over the world as are our range of plaited belts for the large to xxxxxxxxlarge (we can make any length ! ). New styles always being added.

The Tusmore Kid's Belt

Just the right type of belt for any occasion and features high quality plaited leather with fancy brass or nickel buckle, keeper and end. Suits all types of trousers from jeans to suit pants and comes in small, medium and large.

Width 3/4"



These belts are part of the Australian Pioneer spirit and their origins date back to the early settlement where there were no indigenous animals large enough to make belts from and as Kangaroo hide is typically round and short they made their belts from plaited Kangaroo hide and bridal rings !. Today, they are a belt for the individual who likes practicality as well as style. Styles range from an 8 plait wide cut with brass rings (shown) to the fancy twenty plait.

Also available the Crocodile Ridge Back style.

Width: 1" - 1 1/4".

Sizes: 24" to 100+"



A belt full of style, this 10 plait leather belt is complemented by a three piece buckle set in either brass or nickel finish.

Width: - 1".

Sizes: 24" to 100+"


The REEF Belt

This sensational belt is made from an eight plait, wide cut Kangaroo leather and finished with a solid brass buckle. One of the best belts you will ever own.

Width: - 1. 1/4".

Sizes: 24" to 100+"


Prices are available by request : E-mail to include your country details for exchange purposes)

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