Joondalup Festival Fun Run Sponsorship

ALL sponsorship money raised by participants will go to:

3 Boys Legacy
A Project for Research into Children's Brain Cancer
Administered by the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.)

3 Boys Legacy was established using the memories of Matthew Webb, Ricky Wannberg and Justin Ward as its impetus. These boys were brave and great mates who met because of an indescriminate disease, which according to Princess Margaret Hospital statistics has much poorer survival rates than most other cancers. Unfortunately, they all succumbed to brain tumours about the same time and the Legacy hopes to ensure that other children do not meet under such tragic circumstances and if they do they have a greater chance of survival.


Collect sponsorship for this worthwhile cause from your family, friends and/or workmates.

Set yourself a goal to raise at least $50 and if you reach that mark or beyond, we will reward you with a fabulous incentive prize as shown below:

Receive a Brooks water bottle waist belt
or Runner's World $10 Gift Voucher

RAISE $100
Receive a pair of Brooks Running Shorts
or Runner's World $30 Gift Voucher

RAISE $300
Receive a pair of Brooks Running Shoes
(to the value of $100)
or Runner's World $90 Gift Voucher

For every $20 you raise you will receive one ticket in the sponsorship draw for
a Casio Sports Watch
Donated by Runner's World

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