2004 Joondalup Festival

The Fun Run is again part of the Joondalup Festival Program. The 2004 Joondalup Festival continues to celebrate Joondalup and its people - its unique design, its natural beauty and its people who are creating the future.

"Global Village"

20 & 21 March 2004

The 2003 Joondalup Festival reached new heights with the theme Airborne. In 2004, the Festival reaches out
to encompass every corner of the globe.

Drawing inspiration from countries worldwide, Joondalup will play host to the colour, sounds, tastes and traditions of the international community. With 38% of the region born overseas, the Festival will bring us together in celebration of our multicultural roots.

The 2004 Festival will host a smorgasbord of international music from Indian Bollywood to African Reggae and Cuban Dance. Chinese Dragon Dancers will meet English Morris Dancers. Culinary delights may be sampled from every continent and entries in the giant community street parade will be encouraged to reflect a different country of the world. In addition, you will be able to explore the Aboriginal heritage of our region,
Mooro Country.

The Joondalup Festival offers an opportunity for the cultures of the world to mingle, merge and collide in a village atmosphere. Music, dance and spectacle take you on the journey of a lifetime
– right in your own backyard.

The Joondalup Festival is already one of Australia’s most significant community Festivals. With over 5,000 people creatively involved each year and attracting crowds of nearly 100,000, the event has a significant impact on regional community and economic development.

Look out for the Festival program in March or visit the website at:
Joondalup Festival Homepage

The Festival activities continue after the Fun Run from 12 noon to the Festival fireworks finale.