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3 Boys Legacy

The Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF) have since 2002 included 3 Boys Legacy (3BL) as a brain cancer research project under their umbrella. The CLCRF and 3BL agreed that there were strong synergies between the objectives of both parties and that their continued collaboration would be beneficial to each organisation. At the completed integration, 3BL was dissolved as an independently registered charity. CLCRF have taken on the administration and obligations of 3BL.

3BL was originally established in 1998 by three families who lost their 3 Boys to brain tumours in 1996. The 3BL research into children's brain cancer in memory of Matthew Webb, Justin Ward and Ricky Wannberg is continuing at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research due to the tremendous support of the CLCRF who have taken over as sponsors of the 3BL research fellow.

The research has made good progress and several chromosomes have been targeted for detailed analysis and study. The amazing fundraising support from the Telethon Adventurers has recently revolutionised the research resources and capabilities. A brain tumour meeting is scheduled for February 2013, where several world leading medulloblastoma experts are meeting in Perth to plan and coordinate the next phase of this research. Watch this space for a unique opportunity to attend a public seminar in mid February...

Fundraising efforts over the years to obtain equipment and consumables for the ongoing research, have included 3BL Art Expos, Fun Runs, etc where support from family, friends, sponsors and supporters has been invaluable. Many have contributed tirelessly as committee members, others gave freely of their time as volunteers to make the fundraisers the success that they were. New volunteers and fundraising events/ideas are always welcome to further support the CLCRF/3BL Cancer Research.

Februhairy is the latest Funrazor to bring in some much needed support for the 3BL brain cancer research endeavours. A videolink can be found here:
The Februhairy Fun Razor...

DecemBeard (a Movember-like fun(d)razor) is another and literally a growing idea to raise awareness and funds! It's simply about growing/wearing a beard, It can even incorporate a 'White Beard Day' on the 25th of Decembeard that many children still relate to as a day of giving... - So, why not grow/wear a beard, or raise funds to shave your beard, manscape, or let it grow wild, stop/start a few times for different patterns, challenge a colleague, etc... Decembeard last year included a DecemBake element where baked goods were sold and proceeds went to Decembeard/3BL. This is the season to have more jolly and generous ideas to support our research...!!

A few words of reflection; Cancer is so limited, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot kill friendships, It cannot cripple love, It cannot destroy peace, It cannot silence courage, It cannot suppress memories, It cannot conquer the spirit.

- Someone put it quite well when they summarised "Cancer is a word, not a sentence..."

On behalf of the 3 Boys, the founding members and our families; I am pleased to support the 3BL project of the CLCRF to promote and undertake research into children's brain cancers.

Jon Wannberg
3 Boys Legacy
Founding Member

3 Boys Legacy (3BL) was established in 1998 to primarily:

promote research into all aspects of brain cancer including, but not limited to, the causes, detection, prevention, treatment and cure of brain cancer in children;

sponsor research into all aspects of brain cancer in children; and

collect donations and grants for research into all aspects of brain cancer in children.

About 3BL

The charity was formed using the memories of Matthew Webb, Ricky Wannberg and Justin Ward as its impetus. These boys were brave and great mates who met because of an indiscriminate disease which, according to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) statistics, has much poorer survival rates than most other cancers - despite its relatively high incidence. Unfortunately, they all succumbed to brain tumours in 1996 and 3BL hopes to ensure that, in the long term, other children do not meet under such tragic circumstances and, if they do, there is a greater chance of survival.

First Project

3BL's first initiative has been to make use of Western Australia's excellent research capabilities for children's cancer. In particular, it established a research arm, led by Dr Peter Dallas, to work alongside the successful Leukemia research team at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research (ICHR) in Western Australia. This team, led by Dr Ursula Kees, has helped raise Leukemia survival rates from around 20% to 80% over the past 10-15 years. Even if the proposed research into brain cancer is half as successful, it will still save the lives and suffering of many children and their families.

The research endeavour has the enthusiastic support of ICHR, PMH, government representatives and other concerned associations. Essentially, it has been made possible through the assistance of:

the Variety Club of WA, who funded the first 3 years of salary for Dr Peter Dallas, an eminent molecular biologist who was selected from 23 applicants around the world;

the sponsors of Ursula Kees' team, the Children's Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF), who agreed for Dr Kees to foster the research fellow using her techniques and cell lines;

the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia, who supplied a grant to assist in the purchase of capital equipment;

ICHR who accommodate the research arm; and

the West Australian Marathon Club (WAMC), who conducted an annual community fun run
(Joondalup Festival Fun Run) for 3BL's benefit 2000-2004.

3BL's role has been to coordinate the establishment and provide initial support to the research arm, which included sourcing funds for the remaining costs, such as consumables and equipment. These costs were around $150,000 in the the first few years with an annual commitment of about $30,000. 3BL's strategy for meeting this need involved seeking corporate sponsorship, obtaining grants from charitable foundations and gaining regular donations from companies or individuals wanting tax shelter. It also ran an art exhibition and sale for a few years as a major fund-raiser. 3BL also had a community partnership in place with BurkeAir, who provided the necessary support for many of the early endeavours.

The Future

CLCRF is taking 3BL forward and aims to further explore avenues for promoting and furthering research into the child cancer disease. It is anticipated that this will continue to include seeking trials or the introduction of treatments into Australia that are considered promising overseas, raising the public awareness of the disease and promoting greater collaboration between research groups.

We Still Need Your Help

The 3BL Project is the result of a small yet highly motivated group with a specific crusade. This duty, as the Leukaemia example shows, cannot be achieved unless substantial funding occurs. The 3BL research fills the void for children's brain cancer. With the goodwill and charity of the medical profession, corporate sector and the public at large, the successful association of 3BL with CLCRF is likely to help raise the survival rates of children with brain cancer - and ultimately remove the unnecessary burden placed upon these children, their families, the medical system and the society.

3BL recognises the critical importance of this relationship as the key for future success and is in no doubt about the enormity and length of the commitment involved. However, in the words of Professor Fiona Stanley AC (2003 Australian of the Year), when she congratulated 3BL on its initiative, 'it is vital to both improve care and ultimately prevent the anguish of this disease'. Membership of CLCRF (3BL) is open to anyone who has a vested interest in improving the lot of children who suffer from (brain) cancer and all support is welcome. We are registered with the Charitable Collection Agency and all donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible under Section 78(1)(a) of the Income Tax Assessment Act.

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