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Wonga Park Sighting - 8th of October, 1996

The following sighting report was received by VUFORS and is presented as is.

TIME: 11.00 P.M.

AREA: North Croydon & Wonga Park.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear still night, no cloud or wind.

I was driving home from a meeting, heading North along Humber Road (where I live) when I noticed two very large, bright lights (like car headlights) to my right (East).

I slowed down till I came to a spot where no trees or houses obstructed my view. The object was extremely low, just above the next hill and was heading in my direction (West), at a slow speed.

I continued home and lost sight of it behind trees at the rear of my house. I went inside to get a camera and binoculars, couldn't find either.

I then went out side with my two eldest sons (aged 18 & 17) and the object was again in view, about 80 metres away and about 40 to 50 metres above the ground (25'to 30'). These estimates were made by where we stood to block out a street light and where the object was, relative to trees.

It made no sound. Just before it disappeared the sound of a distant jet engine could be heard. This sound did not come from the object as the object was so close and had been for some time. This sighting lasted 5 to 9 minutes.

The object was then at its closest point to us. It had a large bright light at either end, with 4 Possibly 5 smaller lights in between. At either end, behind the large lights there were very small red and blue lights that were not easily visible. These smaller lights looked like portholes. The large light on the leading end went out and there was a dimmer light coming from inside, similar to an interior light of a car shining out the windscreen. We then lost sight of the object.

My wife then found the binoculars, so we (myself and two sons) decided to follow it to a high point in Wonga Park to see if we could get a better view.

We spotted it again in front of our vehicle as we were travelling in a Northerly direction on Yarra Road, Wonga Park. The object appeared to be travelling North then headed West.

We parked the car and watched it travel West towards Warrandyte. It was at this time, through binoculars that I noticed a row of 5 or 6 small green lights under the object. No matter what direction the object was travelling in, the same side appeared to face us.

Following are sketches made independently by the witnesses of the object.

Fig 1. Fathers first drawing of the object.

Fig 2. Fathers second drawing of the object.

Fig 3. Drawing by 18 year old son.

Fig 4. Drawing by 17 year old son.

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