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September 1997

By Paul Norman
© Copyright 1997.

Nearly 700 Roswell Declarations collected by VUFORS and over 20,000 from American UFO groups were submitted to the U.S. President and Congress, by Kent Jeffrey, author of the declaration.

In his letter to Judith Magee, he states,
"Thank you very much for the printout of the declaration signatories from Australia. Unfortunately, Roswell did not turn out to be what we thought it might be or hoped it would be. Nonetheless, our efforts might still not end up to be in vain. Perhaps we may still see legislation to mandate a more open policy on the part of the U.S. Government in this area.

Again your efforts are greatly appreciated. Recording all those names and addresses must have been a great deal of work. I will keep you posted on any developments."

I personally, have been "on the fence" with regards to the "humanoids" but have noted the dummies dropped by the Air Force "explanation", took place in 1959, years after the Roswell incident which appears to be a major effort to shift attention away from the 50th anniversary publicity when in the past they have stressed there were no records of details. This could be an out of the frying pan into the fire situation because 1959 is the year that the Inspector General of the U.S. Air Force issued instructions to the pilots in December of that year stating, 'Unidentified flying objects treated lightly by the press and referred to as flying saucers are serious business.' That was also the year of the Captain Killian encounter.(see ON THE UFO TRAIL June, 1997 edition")

Serious business indeed, because pilots and other people have lost their lives in the pursuit of, and investigations of UFOs. Another serious encounter occurred on 23 November 1953 when a UFO was detected by radar at Kinross Air Force Base, in Michigan.

An F89c jet was scrambled from the base to intercept the unknown object. The pilot was First Lt. Felix Moncla jr and radar observer Robert Wilson. They were vectored to the proximity of the UFO. As they drew near the object there was a lot of static then radio communication failed altogether. However the blips of the UFO and that of the interceptor merged on the radarscope for twenty seconds before speeding away. The area was searched under the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian Air Force. No trace of aircraft and airmen were ever found.

Another serious encounter occurred in March. 1967 when radar in Cuba detected a UFO flying toward their air space. Two MIG jets were scrambled and vectored to the vicinity. Radio communications were monitored between the pilots and Cuban Base. Conversation was heard at the Key West Naval listening station in Florida. The leading pilot reported that he had sighted the UFO. His first instruction was to challenge for identification. There was no reply. He was then directed to fire on the object which he did. The second pilot started shouting that the UFO flew alongside of the leading jet which disintegrated. The second jet disappeared as well.

Although the incident occurred in 1967, I had the opportunity to visit Key West in 1994, where it was confirmed to me that the encounter had indeed occurred.

One of the earlier serious encounters was that of Captain Thomas Mantell over the state of Kentucky, 7 January, 1948 when scores of witnesses observed a 'flying disc' near Godman Air Force Base. There were four Air National Guard P51 mustang aircraft flying nearby, that were directed to investigate. Three of the pilots turned back but Captain Mantell kept on in pursuit. His last words were it was a large flying disc and he was flying closer to get a better look. Years later I interviewed the foreman of the power line maintenance crew who witnessed the crash. He confirmed that the aircraft was in pieces before it hit the ground. I also checked with the Editor of the local newspaper in Franklin, Kentucky, near where the encounter took place. He said the first he knew of the incident when a contingent from the military came to his Office looking for witnesses who had seen the flying disc.

The first explanation was that Captain Mantell was chasing the Planet Venus. But if true that planet was out of orbit flying below the clouds of Earth. The explanation was quickly changed to a balloon. But to Captain Mantell and investigators actually involved, the object was not referred to anything other than a flying disc.

The above examples are only a few to illustrate the motive behind the instructions to pilots.

The most recent "final" explanation is that the U.S. Airforce admitted lying to the public because during the cold war the aircraft were of high technology to be kept secret from the enemy. If that were true, Air Force investigators would not have been investigating the reports as they were doing at that time.

Finally, the type of reports of interest to me were occurring before the days of the aircraft manufactured on Earth and the same type of manoeuvres being reported are identical to the "flying shields" reported to have panicked ancient armies centuries ago.

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