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On The UFO Trail
June 1996

By Paul Norman
© Copyright 1996.

Betty Hill has written her own book titled A COMMONSENSE APPROACH TO UFO'S.

The experience of Betty and her husband Barney is portrayed as the first known UFO abduction. At least, it is the first Abduction Case to receive such an amount of publicity. John Fuller, wrote a book about the case, entitled The Interrupted Journey and since then several documentaries have been televised and most people interested in the subject know about the case. It may be a surprise to some to learn that this experience motivated Betty's own research into the phenomenon herself.

Betty Hill has been accused of seeing too many UFO'S, but nobody to my knowledge, has spent more time looking for them. True, there must have been many mistaken identities, but Betty has reported but one abduction. Although she has had many dreams similar to what some individuals interpret as abductions.

Much can be learned from Betty, even psychologists have discussed the subject with her to gain knowledge in the field of hypnosis.

I was invited to her home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for a few days in 1981 and again in 1982 and can confirm some of the information she reveals in her book, especially the close association with officers from the Peace Air Force Base, near Portsmouth. It was the radar located at Peace Air Force Base that detected an unknown flying object in the White Mountains of New Hampshire the same night, September 1961, when Betty and her late husband experienced this unusual incident. It was at the request of the U.S. Air Force that Dr. Benjamin Simon, their own psychiatrist, commenced sessions with the Hills, at his office in Boston, Massachusetts.

During the two visits with Betty, I have accompanied her to two of her sighting areas without any results. The only lights seen were reflections of aircraft lights. However, over the years, many people, including police and other law enforcement officers at all levels as well as former CIA, FBI and Pentagon agents, had witnessed unexplainable lights and objects from these areas, and were all eager to sit down and discuss UFO'S.

Betty has lectured to Air Force Personnel at a number of Air Force installations. One of her brightest moments was when she approached the local base to give a lecture, a banner over the gate read "Peace Air Force Base Welcomes Betty Hill".

One night Betty was on her way to investigate a sighting, accompanied by a Sheriff and his wife in the front seat, Betty was in the back seat, when the three saw what they thought was a big trailer truck on an overpass. It looked like an eighteen wheeler pulling a second trailer. In New Hampshire, this is illegal. The Sheriff sped up so he could radio to police to stop this trailer. When they got closer, there was no underpass! SHOCK! All three saw the trailer truck go above the turnpike. Since no overpass existed, the trailer truck had to be airborne. Since that time she has had two other reports of trucks flying over rivers without bridges.
On another night, she was driving with a UFO investigator, when they saw a UFO coming up behind the car, then it shot ahead of the car and stopped over a field. It began blinking its lights in different patterns. Each time it did this, Betty blinked her car lights, duplicating the patterns. The UFO investigator became frightened, but Betty was laughing at his reaction. There were times before she had what she called "blinking sessions" with the UFO'S, but this was the first time the investigator had witnessed such reaction.

Betty became acquainted with many of the people who claimed abductions. In 1972, when Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker reported their experience at Pascagoula, Mississippi. In 1975 Travis Walton reported that he had been taken aboard a UFO in Snowflake, Arizona, then in September 1975 Betty's movie, THE UFO INCIDENT was shown on TV. So many people were reporting abductions to her that she became interested in sorting out those she thought were factual cases and those who lived with fantasies. It is her opinion that most cases are from people who live in a world of fantasy.

She needed to develop the criteria for real abductions so used Dr. Simons formula to separate those who did or did not require hypnosis; whether when telling their stories they were lying, dreaming, hallucinating, reality or psychological cases. Many were only fantasies (me too cases), so much so, they could not discern between reality and imagination. Some were taken to where they thought aircraft flying near by, were space craft. Another was hallucinating so severely she had to be kept on lithium.

Some who reported to Betty did not require hypnosis, by a doctor, while others appeared to be sincere and genuinely believed they had been abducted or at least were endeavouring to determine if they have been abducted.

Betty's book is not limited to abduction stories; there are plenty of 'nuts and bolts' cases. One interesting period of activity occurred in the Spring of 1966 in the vicinity of the Piscataqua River. Sightings were occurring every night and groups of people were going out to watch them. Coral Lorenzen, (now deceased) of APRO (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organisation) was also receiving reports from the same area and sent Betty names and addresses for her to check out. The UFO's were not only flying along the river, but throughout the whole general area.

In one area, every night a family heard loud beeping sounds coming from the field behind their home. This was reported to the Air Force Base. The Military arrived and camped out, closed off the area to everyone including the owners, they stayed five nights and then left. No one ever learned if they had any results. The book is valuable for people who think they are having strange experiences and it can be obtained from Betty Hill, PO Box 55, Greenland, NH 03840 USA. $US15.95 plus $4.00 US Postage and handling.

Strange cases continue to be reported to VUFORS and because of dangers in mental health, we have professional assistance available. These reports are confidential unless individuals wish to go public.

Last Updated: March, 1998

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