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On The UFO Trail
March 1997

By Paul Norman
© Copyright 1997.

The Whitman Blimp, stationed at Moorabbin Airport, for the past three months has been the source of a number of false UFO reports. The blimp which has been flying around Melbourne advertising chocolates as well as taking passengers on flights, has quiet motors not heard over a short distance and gives the impression of a cigar shaped UFO.

The Russian space station MIR has also been sighted especially when the shuttle was near the station and reported as two lights remaining the same distance apart travelling at the same speed. Many satellites are frequently reported as UFOs. The spy satellites are often in polar orbit travelling south to north or north to south. They are visible up to two hours after sunset as long as the sun is not too far below the horizon for the light rays to shine on the satellite. Readers who are interested can see them on clear nights.

During the past three months interest was caused by fire balls of which much is to be learned. There were also meteorites reported. The most outstanding one believed to be a bolide that exploded over Hamilton, Victoria. It was seen from Mount Gambier South Australia to Hamilton where it exploded. I interviewed ten witnesses at Hamilton some who heard the explosion and five observers who saw the object. Two witnesses were observing the object when it split into two chunks. One piece is believed to have crashed in the Grampians. VUFORS has appealed through the Hamilton Spectator for fragments if found.

When I first joined the fight to try and end public deception with regard to cover-ups, I did not realise that the field of Ufology was tainted with deception throughout the world. As an example- Last year. VUFORS received a letter marked urgent. Inside was information about an insurance policy against alien abduction offering up to one million pounds Stirling if abducted. VUFORS committee members, with years of experience in dealing with frauds and manipulators had their laugh and laid the policy offer aside. Unfortunately there are individuals who think that people who believe in UFOs will believe anything. This was another attempt to defraud the gullible out of money and was exposed. All that glitters is not gold and researchers must not become gullible but always be vigilant against manipulators.

Even Dr. John Mack, regarded by some as the foremost expert in the abduction field was deceived by a woman who faked a story and after being taken seriously admitted she was only trying him out. After this revelation. Dr. Mack is on record as saying that he accepted her story in good faith.

Wholly accepting everybody in good faith is not good enough. Every object that flies through the sky is not a space ship and every dream is not an abduction. If what some people who have reported regarding abduction is true then the "ETs" are deceptive and manipulative. Let us hope some good ones are out there. One good rule to follow if the "contactee" or "abductee" is untruthful regarding ordinary things, forget the case when discussing out of this world experiences. This is not intended for people who report sincere beliefs.

Other incidents concerning long streaks of light in the sky have been reported to us and we are informed that the CSIRO is using laser beams to check on the extent of damage to the ozone layer from the greenhouse effect. It is becoming more difficult to separate manmade activity from the unexplained reports, including suspected mind control experiments.

Of prime interest to researchers around the world is the forthcoming probe to Mars. Officials have agreed to give a little bit more attention to the face and pyramids in the Cydonia region of the planet. That decision has been brought about because of the criticism from researchers like Richard Hoagland, author of the book The Monuments of Mars, Professor-Stanley McDaniel, Dr Mark Carlotte, author of The Martian Enigmas, suggesting possible evidence of artificial structures on Mars. Let us hope the findings will not remain behind the paper curtain of censorship.

Last Updated: March, 1998

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