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On The UFO Trail
December 1997

By Paul Norman
© Copyright 1997.

Over three decades ago, the Brookings Institute at the request of NASA, issued a report which contained among other speculations "that the discovery of extraterrestrial life would challenge the prevailing world view and of all groups, scientists might be the most devastated by the discovery of superior creatures." Some scientists, especially the skeptics, fear that if enough people concluded that superior alien intelligent beings exist, people will lose confidence in science as it stands today. I have noticed throughout the past half century, that some scientists have exhibited something like subconscious fear that UFO reports may be true. This behaviour pattern has indicated emotional bursts of anger at the very mention of the subject.

During the late fifties and early sixties, I attended Astronomical Society meetings, near Nashville, Tennessee, where over cups of coffee I would ask "embarrassing" questions concerning ET life to the speakers. However, I was pleasantly surprised one night when two speakers from the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama, which at long last took me seriously and we engaged in serious conversation with regard to Unidentified Flying Objects. And no wonder, I just learned only one month ago while reading THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL, that the author Philip Corso, had been associated with them during his activity as an intelligence officer while on active duty.
Back in 1960, the 1954 lecture notes of Professor Herman O'Berth were translated for me by one of these gentlemen. O'Berth's lecture notes have been published in VUFOR'S publication twice since that time. He mentions in his notes that different conditions may exist on Mars that require life to go underground. Although he does not state in his notes, it could be, that as that planet began to lose its water it became necessary to go underground, or it was more practical to do so. Perhaps as the atmosphere thinned asteroids and meteors would not burn up before hitting the surface, as on earth. It is interesting to note that the satellites have indicated the existence of water there.

Regardless of speculations, the "face ' on Mars is becoming more prominent in the news and is attracting more attention while the Powers That Be are pussy-footing about the "face", being reluctant to show close up photos and may have deliberately cut off the camera while in the position to photograph the face. Spokesmen have said that "the priority is to locate a better landing area." Why? To creep back and check for something more intelligent? It is a known fact that the sight of a 'wiggle worm' on Mars would send some scientists into a deep state of shock.
Of increasing interest among Ufologists, is the coincidence between the Sphinx near the Pyramids in Egypt and the 'face' on Mars near the Pyramids on Mars.
Many years ago, some explorers were convinced that the Egyptian Pyramids concealed more, undiscovered chambers and subterranean passageways connected to the Sphinx. Robert Ballard, who was an engineer with Australian railways, believed the Giza pyramid may also have been built above a vast series of catacombs of a subterranean city. Edgerton Sykes, last living authority on ancient Atlantis, also believed there was a whole maze of corridors and passages connected with an underground Kingdom similar to Agartha of Tibet.

Back in 1677, a Genoese mariner, owner of a trading ship based on Malta, explored the Pyramids and the Sphinx. He was in charge of several hundred men who excavated large amounts of sand. Since that time, wind blown sand again buried much of the evidence until the search for evidence commenced in the seventies by a group of scientists including Dr. James Hurtak, who have discovered the pyramids did indeed conceal work of mysterious architects who had a deeper knowledge not only of the secrets of a previous civilisation, but of the universe than, those who followed them.
Prior to the discoveries now being made, it was already established it served as a Celestial Observatory, from which the stellar hemisphere could be accuracy drawn. Its accuracy is now confirmed by the measurements of orbiting satellites.
Those who attended the International UFO Symposium 1997, held at the Carlton Crest Hotel in Brisbane and in Melbourne were of the first to see VIDEOS shown publicly for the first time in the western world. Dr. James Hurtak, claims he has been working with explorers on the vast network of passages which do not stop under the Pyramids but extend for many kilometers under the ancient world. He also claims he has travelled for many kilometers in a boat and filmed the structure underneath the ground. One particular photo shows water-conveying conduits. If true, perhaps we should take a closer look at the face and pyramids of Mars.
Those interested in the Pyramids, should read about The Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins, published by Penguin Books.
Meanwhile, keep an eye on the behavioral activities of the 'Powers That Be', as they let go of more findings from the Planet Mars.

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