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Stanton Friedman Lecture in Melbourne

Stanton FriedmanFriday the 18th of October, 1997 saw the widely respected ufologist and nuclear physicist, Stanton Friedman visit Melbourne to present a public lecture at the Dallas Brooks Centre. Stanton was in Australia to attend and speak at the Australian International UFO Symposium held by MUFON QLD in Brisbane.

Nearly 1,500 interested people were in attendance as Stanton presented compelling evidence that UFOs are a "Cosmic Watergate". Areas covered during the illustrated presentation included saucer crashes in New Mexico, 1947 (Friedman is known to be one of the original investigators of the Roswell incident); the Betty and Barney Hill abduction including particular details of the star map recalled by Betty under hypnosis and the subsequent work by Ohio school teacher, Marjorie Fish to interpret the map and identify the origin of the abductors as being Zeta Reticuli.

Another case during the lecture was the 1971 close encounter in Delphos, Kansas where a UFO was seen new the ground and left glowing circle. The farmer touched this circle and was left with numb fingers for days. Later analysis showed that the soil from the affected area would no longer absorb water.

The lecture was arranged by Martin & Rosenthal Pictures to promote one of Stanton’s latest publications: an interactive CD-ROM entitled ‘UFO’s the Real Story’. (See the advertisement in this Bulletin).

Also promoted was Stanton’s new book: ‘TOP SECRET/MAJIC’. Friedman has been investigating the MJ-12 story since the initial document was leaked in 1984.

This book is the result of that research and covers the authentication of the original briefing paper; discussion regarding the members of MJ-12 and reveals for the first time, information about a NEW document: the Majestic-12 Operations Manual received in 1994.

A quote from Stanton: "In the past I have often said, when asked if I have ever seen a UFO, that no, I had never seen one, - but then I had never seen Australia either, and I was sure it was there! Entertainment Tonight quoted me on that one and the show was also seen down under. I guess I will now have to say I have never seen Tokyo, but I know it’s there. I am hopeful of doing a longer tour in Australia in the near future."

Further information regarding Stanton Friedman can be found on his homepage.



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