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Sightings - Pre 1990

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26th March, 1960
Yarralumla A.C.T
The witness, an experienced radar operator, observed a large object which he believes was a mother ship made of stainless steel or similar metal, possibly tungsten.
The large object was accompanied by four smaller objects. The smaller were sphere shaped objects. The objects appeared to be operating under intelligent control from the large object. They were orbiting the "mother ship" at an extreme velocity. Estimated speed was over 2,000 MPH. Observer was watching an aircraft when five objects came into view.
Summer 1970
Near Mildura, Victoria.
8.10 pm

Two witnesses were frightened when a huge object rose up from behind nearby trees, then passed within 150 to 160 feet from them. The colour was grey with flashing lights, both orange and white. Witness LV. said that he could not see underneath the object, but could see through the grid shape round the bottom. It appeared to have a centre light which was so bright that he could have seen insects crawling on the ground and the grid area appeared to have an outer area between where the light came from and the outer part of the object which had orange and white flashing lights which seemed to be due to the spinning of the grid around the base of the object. The brother who was driving the car drove away in fear.

Our thanks to Allen Wilson, Sunraysia Representative who investigated and recorded the interview with the witness.

January 1974
Near Ballarat VIC
Several witnesses were having a barbeque in the bush, when they observed a large triangle shaped object, estimated about 200 yards away above trees. It was silent and hovering. The object had pale yellow lights along each side. After about two minutes it slowly banked, turned west and sped away.
Sept. or Oct., 1978
Winchelsea VIC
Exact date not remembered but it was during the period of UFO activity that occurred just prior to the Frederick Valentich encounter. Report received only a few days ago.
Object with smaller lights below, suddenly appeared and hovered over the car travelling about the same speed for a few minutes the sped away at "faster than normal". Two witnesses in car.

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