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Sighting reports gathered by VUFORS are organised by the date of the sighting:

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Pages documenting siginificant encounters local to Australia and investigated by VUFORS are also available: 

  • The disappearance of Frederick Valentich - October 1978
    A pilot flying a Cessna 182 aircraft disappeared on a flight from Melbourne to King Island in Bass Strait after reporting an encounter with a UFO.
  • Reverend William Gill sighting - Papua New Guinea 1959
    Multiple wittnesses watched UFOs near a remote mission in Papua New Guinea over several nights. During these encounters, entities were seen on the deck of the crafts and responded to waving by the wittnesses.
  • Mundrabilla - Nullabor Plain
    A family, travelling by car across the desolate Nullabor Plain in South Australia were buzzed by a UFO which attempted to lift their car from the road.
  • Maureen Puddy Encounter - 1972
    A woman encounters a UFO whilst driving home one evening. During investigation by VUFORS, she encounters the object and beings while she is in the company of the VUFORS researchers.
  • White Acres
    A UFO hovers near the ground of a Victorian farm leaving traces and also empties a large tank of water.

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