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Sightings - 1997

Date & Location Details
February 1997
Time: dusk
South of Elliminyt VIC
A mother and her 12-year-old son observed what they thought was a meteor going from southeast to southwest leaving a long white tail. They thought no more about it until the sighting of 8th June 1999, with details described in local papers appeared very similar to what they had seen.
On the night of their sighting 18 months ago, the mother heard a news report that Adelaide airport had tracked a UFO that was faster than any aircraft in the area. They had also read in the newspaper about other reported sightings between Melbourne and Adelaide.
James Kennedy, Western District VUFORS Representative, secured this report.
8th June 1997
07:00-07:15 hrs.
North Balwyn, VIC
Several golfers witnessed four silver coloured flying disks at the North Balwyn Golf Course. The objects were flying about and hovering at times. Near where the objects were first seen were three upside-down L shaped clouds. At times the objects were performing "amazing feats" in the distance, such as, zigzagging, up and down movements, hovering and leaving a brilliant gold coloured trail behind. The objects were in sight for 15 minutes.
Burwood, Vic.
Observer reported two objects hovering when first noticed then suddenly sped toward Mulgrave at fantastic speed. One object was above the other. The witness estimated the objects to be about one kilometer away. No sound was heard. No lights only a glow.
Dalemy, NSW
An object was sighted out to sea near Montaque Island . It was a strange object appearing to change shape which finally turned into a cigar appearance. It was grey in color. It was close to the water. It was stationary for a few seconds there was no sound or lights. The object suddenly sped away without "building up speed gradually." It accelerated instaneously.
Warbuton, Vic.
1st June
A triangular shaped grey object flashing a red light flying east to west slow at first then sped away at a fast speed. No sound heard.
28th July, 1997
South Melbourne
Triangle formation of white lights moving rapidly toward the north west. The formation flew over the observer's car. His engine was running. No sound was heard.
Seville, Vic.
21st October, 1978
A report recently received which occurred on the same evening of Frederick Valentich encounter. A red circular object appeared to almost crash into house then shot away at a fantastic speed. No sound was heard.
The following independent reports were received following an incident in the Chelsea area of Melbourne on Tuesday the 5th of August, 1997 and are still under investigation by VUFORS.
Patterson Lakes area, Vic.
5th August
2 witnesses watched 5 orange balls - one very bright - hovering in a circle. The large one had a big red light underneath and appeared to be dropping something which resembled sparkelrs. They all appeared lower than the stars on the horizon and were equidistant apart. Certainly not attached - too far aparat. They hovered for some time, then went over the Bay, too fast to be an aircraft. They came from the north then went west and disappeared in three minutes.
Carrum, Vic.
5th August
7 orange/pink lights in the shape of a diamond - changed shape to an arrow - moved off - then changed to a heart shape and two different triangles. It was very quiet - the dogs weren't barking as they had been - the large object seemed like the body part of a helicopter minus rotors and tail, appeared to drop something like a red light then sped out over the sea. The little lights went at a different speed - aircraft speed - would go fast then hover, then fast again, eventually going towards the Bay. Many cars returning from Chelsea Heights pulled in to the side of the road to watch.
Chelsea, Vic.
5th August
Formation of UFO's - one ahead of 5 other little ones - heading towards the Bay - west - "mothercraft" had a red dome - was rather high, could not define the shape. The red dome slowly left the ship and fell at a steady pace, to the ground. No flame, no flare - size of a tennis ball and blood red in color - no sound.
25th August 1997, Paynesville, Victoria  Investigator - Dan Haylock South East District presents the following report.
13th September,1997, 8.15pm

Heidelberg Heights. Victoria.

A bright white round light about 2 metres in diameter and made of a transparent type fabric which appeared to be lit by a fluorescent light and having little round red lights around the top. It moved away in a southerly direction and passed directly over the house. No sound.
15th September, 1997 about 7.15 pm

North Balwyn Victoria

A bright orange light about the size of a 'dinner plate'. At first, hovering then moved downward slowly then disappeared to the Southwest.
17th September, 1997 4 pm Dandenong Victoria. Appearance of a bright star, flying toward the Sun and disappeared in 10 seconds.
18th September, 1997 6.30pm Altona. Vic. A 'frosty white' disc with portholes, moving slowly to the south without sound.
25th September, 1997 7.15pm Taylors Lakes Vic. A flashing light alternating between a red and green colour. During observation another light moved from the left of the coloured light to underneath it, then moved around the coloured light. They moved off together in a southerly direction.
30th September, 1997 3.40pm Eltham. Vic. Two round black ball-shaped objects following an erratic flight pattern moving from North East to Northwest. They appeared to be doing aerobatics.
29th September. 1997 6.40pm Geelong. Vic. Two witnesses observed a black purple/grey round object streaking from South to North - doing figure eights as it flew.
13th October 1997 6.00pm
Gundagai NSW
 Report from North East Area Representative - James Owen
15th December, 1997
21:45 to 22:00
Hoppers Crossing, VIC
Witness observed an object larger than a 747 Jumbo in the north west. When it crossed in front of the moon, the object resembled a shadow, the moonlight dimmed. The object had three white lights at the rear and one at the front. The lights were visible for the whole duration of the sighting (3 minutes). It kept a constant speed and traveled in an arc until it was 90 degrees vertical and traveled upward until it went out of sight. When the object was closest to the observer he could hear a low frequency hum.

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