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Sightings - 1996

Date & Location Details
North Croydon & Wonga Park
8th Oct. 1996
A multiple witness report has been sent to VUFORS and is presented in detail here .
Bairnsdale. Vic.
22nd Sept. 1996
2157 hrs.
A very bright light burst into view and traveled rapidly in a slight horizontal path from east to west across the sky. As it reached the west it suddenly turned green and went out.
Chadstone Vic.
17th Sept. 1996
1215 hrs.
A round object with appearance of aluminium estimated to be 30 feet in diameter with reference to high tension electrical towers, travelling from west then curved to the south.
Werribee, Vic.
6th September 1996
22:15 hrs.
Very large Orange light travelling slowly from North to S.W. underneath the large object was a row of lights as from windows and underneath that were rows of smaller lights as in panels sloping downwards. There were about 12 panels. Object disappeared behind trees.
Bairnsdale, Vic.
4th Sept. 1996
1745 hrs.
Witness was looking at the stars when one of them began to move south at satellite speed. Then another "star" moved toward the north. After traveling fifteen degrees, they went out.
Rockbank, Vic.
30th June, 1996
1640 hrs.
A cigar shaped object was first observed to be stationary standing on end. Colour was bright metallic. suddenly shot away at unbelievable speed. Estimated to be about size of a 737. Sped west to south west direction.
North Ringwood:
11th June 20:30 hrs.
A bright red oval shaped object flew from the South West over the Dandenongs. It was reported to be a quarter of the size of the moon and flying too low for a large aircraft. There was no sound heard. The object came across horizontally then vertically.
8th June
A four wheel drive club of fifty adults and twenty to thirty children watched 3 orange lights for 15 minutes in the remote North East of Victoria's highlands. VUFORS Gippsland representative, Dan Haylock presents a detailed report.
Croydon, Vic.
31st May 21:45 hrs
An orange light travelling five times the speed of an aeroplane from North East to South East near Dandenong Ranges.
30th May 22:15 hrs
A large orange-red object travelling North to South at a fast speed. Two observers said they thought it was manmade.
Parkville, Vic.
29th May 20:10 hrs.
A bright orange light approached two witnesses from the South West, made a ninety degree turn then flew South East where it gradually faded.
Moyston, Vic.
24th May 19:15 hrs.
Wedge shaped object, size of DC-3 with orange light at front and rear end with a blue light behind the front orange light on structure. Overall structure was black. Estimated speed was 60 to 80 kph.

Chatsworth Vic.
22nd May, 1996
2030 hrs.
While driving on Penhurst to Dunkeld Road, a private pilot reported a circular object with color slightly darker than automobile turning light. It only flashed three times giving impression of airplane approaching for emergency landing.
Greensborough, Vic. 7th May 18:20 hrs. Two objects looked round at a distance and triangle shape as it flew slowly overhead. High pitched humming sound. Glowing white. No distortion around edges. About one third the size of the moon. One object shot up and disappeared from view in seconds. Second object proceeded slowly at about the speed of on aeroplane.
South of Cohuna 17:57 to 18:06 hrs. Very bright light, no sound, joined by second light. White light dimmed leaving orange coloured rim. Second witness observed one of the lights through trees. Third witness observed the other light through trees in opposite direction. Distance pinpointed to be no more than one km. away. Size of object about the size of a light aircraft. There was no sound. Eight other witnesses observed lights at various distances and from different angles. Disappeared suddenly.
January, 1996
near Wangaratta
James and Mary-Louise Owen, the VUFORS representatives for the North East Region, have submitted a detailed report of sightings made in the Wangaratta area during January, 1996.
Endeavour Hills Vic.
Aug. or Sept. three years ago
Round object making a low humming sounds had large amber lights with square windows rounded at corners. estimated size of object was 50 meters across. About 50-100 meters away. Passed over house from South-east. It was a very dark night, no moon. clear and cold.

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