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Sightings - 1995

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July, 1995
7 pm Coburg
A report was received from June W. last month reporting a sighting on the above date. A rectangular shaped object with three rows of white lights. The object was soundless and was travelling westwards. It was very low, just above roof tops of houses. When it passed over witnesses saw the back of it which was just black with a red light on right hand side
February 6,1995
9.30 pm Paynesville
Mr. Dan Haylock, our Representative in South Eastern Victoria sent in this report.

Witness and another lady left Paynesville at 9.30 pm and drove to Bairnsdale fifteen kms away. There they stopped for petrol, and then drove towards Sale which is a further 68 kms away. As they crossed the railway line which marks the western limit of Bairnsdale, the two women noticed a bright light to the Northwest, at an estimated distance of one km. Away. The stars in the background just weren't relevant, the lady said. The next thing they were conscious of was that they were driving past a roadhouse 35 kms from Bairnsdale, but neither could remember driving there. Oncoming traffic worries the woman but she couldn't recall meeting any.

Over to the N.W was the bright white light which they had seen at Bairnsdale, and on seeing this the driver pulled the car over and stopped. Her dog was whining and very upset, visibly shaking. Puzzled over why she and her companion couldn't recall driving the previous 35 kms.; she began driving again, this time following a truck, looking out, she could see the white light still, but after driving a short distance she noticed that it had gone. Her dog was still upset when she reached Sale, but when she left later to return home it showed no sign of unease. The trip was completed without further event, except that Sale had been reached 15 minutes or thereabouts faster than she usually makes the trip, and overall had used less petrol.

I have known the lady for 10 years or more, and there is no way she would concoct a story such as this. Further notes are that on reaching Sale, it was noticed that little fuel had been used. When the driver started back on the road again at the roadhouse, she noticed that the headlights were off, but doesn't recall switching them off when she stopped.

If it had been just a simple report of a light in the sky, the lady wouldn't have minded her name being used, but she feels that this is much more than that and feels she would be ridiculed to some extent if her name was given.

The Planet Venus would have been where the light was observed, but would have set at that time. DH

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