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Sightings - 1992

Date & Location Details
18th February, 1992
8.40 pm
Western Highway
We have recently received a report of a sighting which occurred 18th-February, 1992 of a triangular object five times larger than a stealth bomber. It was reported by a retired Government Department Archives Researcher.

The sighting occurred near Ballarat, over the Western highway. The time was 8:40 p.m. The colour appeared to be designed as night camouflage, black underneath with lights arranged to mimic stars above. As it flew directly overhead the wing spread was about 500 ft wide. The highway is about 300 ft. The impression of the observer was that it was "mapping"?

Weather conditions were clear from a warm day. The observer said that he had a very uneasy feeling. He was afraid and numbed. He hesitated to report the sighting until recently.

29th November, 1992
Western Australia
Three observers from Alice Springs on a camping trip in Western Australia witnessed a long shaped gold coloured object for 2.5 minutes. It flew from SW to NE. Size of the object was very large. The campers had just settled down in their "swags" (beds) when someone yelled out "look at the sky". The object had a round front and three glowing tails. It was flying faster than a jet.
Next day they travelled 200km to the next camp and mentioned the sighting to the local Aboriginals who had a similar sighting the night before. They said it was an aeroplane of the spirit people. They said it had been seen before.
Thanks to Keith Douglas of Alice Springs for this report.

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