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CD Review:
"UFO Crash At Roswell:
An Audio Documentary"
Narrated by Donald R. Schmitt

Review by George Simpson

As soon as I read the advertisement for this CD I thought it would be worth ordering it. That was the only way of obtaining it so I could listen to it, think about it, and maybe even recommend it to V.U.F.O.R.S. members.

I'm glad I did, as this CD contains historical information and witness testimonies regarding this most important of cases, and now with people such as Kent Jeffrey trying to attack the Roswell story, it's the actual words spoken by the people involved such as you hear on this CD that show Jeffrey's total foolishness for what it really is.

These people can't possibly all be deluded, or mistaken as he would suggest. They were there, he was not. This information is valuable as a research source document for those people open-minded enough to listen to the people who were courageous enough to speak about what they experienced. It makes a refreshing change to hear the actual voices of the key people who had their entire philosophy of life radically altered by this single event in modern American history.

This CD includes the original News broadcasts from July 1947 where the announcement is made regarding the Roswell Army Air Force recovery of the "Flying Disc", as well as the stories of twenty seven different witnesses to the event and related happenings.

The price of the CD is U.S.$ 16.00 including postage. When I ordered the CD the Aussy dollar hadn't lost ground, so all up the CD cost me around $29.00. In other words, the normal price for a new CD.

My only criticism of the CD is that I think it would have been better if Schmitt had hired a professional voice for the narration, and if he had done a course on sound recording at film school. The quality of the interviews varies considerably. Even though, this CD produces around one hour of fascinating listening.

The address for ordering the CD is..
The Baraka Foundation
P.O. Box 12933
Berkeley CA 94712.

Information is available via the Internet at:

Included in the cost of Aust.$29.00 was a $6.00 charge by the post office for an American "Western Union" postal money order. I thought a well known American Institution such as Western Union made sense so that the cd would be sent without delay.

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