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Report a UFO Sighting

To submit a sighting report to VUFORS for further investigation please use one of the following options:

  • Complete the on-line form below.
  • Call our hotline based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (03) 9506 7080
  • Download the PDF version of our Sighting Report form, fill it out and return it to VUFORS via post.
    VUFORS Sighting Report Form Adobe PDF document [6 pages: 25kb]

In each case, you may be contacted by an investigator and asked to provide further details/clarification

PRIVACY - Your name and contact details will be kept confidential. Details will only be released to other research organisations with your permission.

If your report is investigated further and found to be UNIDENTIFIED, the details of the investigations may appear, firstly, in our publication, The Australian UFO Bulletin, that is available to members of VUFORS. Selected reports may then also be made available on our Sightings page.

Your Details

Your name
Post code
Telephone Number
E-mail address
Can VUFORS publish details of your sighting?
(Your name and contact details will be kept confidential)

Your Sighting Report

Date of sighting
Time of sighting
Duration of sighting
Number of Witnesses
Sighting Address
Post code
Position in the sky when FIRST seen
Position in the sky when LAST seen
(Approximate degrees above the horizon)

Apparent size
(compared to the Moon or a coin held at arms length)

Weather conditions
Your Description of the Sighting
Include the pattern of flight,
How you first noticed the object,
How it disappeared etc

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