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Paynesville Sighting - 25th of August, 1997

I received the following report from Mrs. S. of Paynesville. I have known her for the past year, when she came to live in the area.
On August 25 Mrs. S. went to bring in clothes from the line. It was 7pm.
She saw a doughnut shaped object to the North East of her flat, at an elevation of about sixty degrees.
It appears to have been some four hundred metres away and fairly large for she likened it to a nine-inch saucepan lid. There was a strong wind blowing making the top of a large tree move. The tree was in the line of sight. The object was far enough away to appear to move in the same direction as she did on the occasions when she walked a few steps. Despite the wind, it didn't shift. She claims that she watched it for about twenty minutes, but getting cold, she went indoors to ring me. Unfortunately, I wasn't home, so she rang her daughter who lives in Paynesville also. Her daughter couldn't see anything so went outside to look again. By now the object had gone.
The centre was black, if it had a centre. The annulus was amber colored with twinkling lights around the outside rim. There were also three very bright white lights equidistant on the outside rim. From the inside edge of the annulus, golden filaments flowed to the twinkling lights on the rim. There were many of these filaments, and she could see them flowing outwards. I can't see any way that hoaxers would have made this flowing filament feature without very large expense. With all the trees and houses and service wires about, it is unlikely to have been a kite. She said that it was a very beautiful sight, and has often gone outside to see if it is back again.


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