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The earliest U.F.O. group to form in Australia was the "Australian Flying Saucer Bureau" under the direction of Edgar Jarrold and Andrew Tomas, in the early 1950s. At the same time, Fred Stone inaugurated the "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society" in Adelaide. After approximately two years the Bureau closed down and was regarded as a branch of the "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society" under Andrew Tomas. This shortly broke from Adelaide and became the "Australian U.F.O. Investigation Centre" with Dr. Clifford at its head until 1958, when the Presidency passed to Dr. Lindtner.

The "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Victorian Branch)" was formed on the 17th of February, 1957 as a branch of the "Australian Flying Saucer Research Society" and later that year was re-organised as the "Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society" with Mr. Peter E. Norris L.L.B. as President. In 1968 the name was again altered - this time to the "Victorian U.F.O. Research Society".

During this time, the Society has published various papers and is probably best known for its publication Australian Flying Saucer Review, curtailed in 1972 due to high costs and subsequently superseded by the Australian U.F.O. Bulletin and at one stage sponsored and produced a quarter-hour program on a Melbourne radio station under the heading of "The Truth Behind Flying Saucers".

In 1978, following the resignation of Mr. Peter Norris the current executive, Mrs. Judith Magee, Messrs. Paul Norman and Clive Yates, was placed in control, ensuring that continuing prosperity of V.U.F.O.R.S. The Society has held a dispassionate attitude on U.F.O.s, claiming it is a scientific problem deserving closer attention. It has also met regularly in general meetings and discussion nights and maintained the largest U.F.O. library in the southern hemishpere. Unfortunately, the loss of books, probably due to the high cost of postage has forced V.U.F.O.R.S. to discontinue this service to members.

Membership of this Society - which maintains the largest membership of any U.F.O. organisation in the Southern Hemisphere - is open to all who are genuinely interested in the subject.

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