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Lecture - Dr. Richard F. Haines

"Pilot Sightings of UFO Phenomena"

Royal Victorian Aero Club, Moorabbin Airport,
Tuesday, 17th of March, 1998 at 8pm

Dr. Richard F. Haines, a research scientist for NASA since 1967, will present a lecture entitled "Pilot Sightings of UFO Phenomena" at the Royal Victorian Aero Club, Moorabbin Airport on Tuesday the 17th of March, 1998 at 8pm.

Dr. Haines has recorded over 3,000 reports, many of which he has personally investigated.

He has also investigated numerous aviation accidents and incidents for the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority and attorneys.

He serves on the Safety and the Human Factors Committees of the Aerospace Medical Association and is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.

Dr. Haines has written three books on UFO topics and over 50 scientific and technical articles as well as 20 serious articles on unidentified aerial phenomena.

Of particular interest to VUFORS members is Dr. Haines’ 1987 book, "Melbourne Episode - Case Study of a Missing Pilot" which details the 1978 disappearance of Frederick Valentich over Bass Strait.

He is cited in Who’s Who in America, American men and Women of Science, Jane’s Who’s Who in Aviation and Aerospace.

This lecture will be advertised only in the "Australian UFO Bulletin" and the Royal Victorian Aero Club publication: "Plane Talk."


VUFORS members & RVAC members $20
Others $25

Seats are limited.

Prepaid tickets will receive priority seating.

Send your ticket requests to:
Victorian UFO Research Society Inc.
P.O. Box 1043,
Moorabbin VIC. 3189

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