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Gundagai Sighting
13th of October, 1997

This report is a brief outline of our investigations into a multiple UFO report in the vicinity of Gundagai NSW. The township of Gundagai is situated just off the Hume Freeway and is well known for the DOG ON THE TUCKER BOX. This sighting consists of two objects that were observed at this stage by two witnesses. Husband and wife.
The report was originally reported to a well known UFO organisation possibly run by one person. It is an organization that requires telephone reports. On this occasion photographs were forwarded to him and the witness has since requested that they be returned but this has been to no avail.
The findings of this organization to say the least, are extremely doubtful and it appears very little effort has gone into investigating this sighting. They are as follows....."The objects that you saw were jet aircraft on maneuvers. They were throwing flames 1800 meters long (half a mile) behind them. When the witness inquired about the objects being stationary, they were informed that the two jets were travelling towards them".
The above is briefly what the witnesses were informed via telephone. The above findings will become clear to you as I now explain what the sighting consists of.
It was on Monday 13th of October 1997, at approximately 6 pm. The two witnesses were travelling to Victoria along the Hume Freeway. The weather was fine and clear. There were no clouds in the sky. It was warm and previously there had been a strong north wind which had subsided. The witnesses were travelling in a westerly direction and approximately 100 kilometers north of Gundagai.
As they came over the top of a hill, they noticed alight directly in front of them and at about 25 to 30 degrees above the horizon and to the left of the first object. Neither object appeared to be moving
The witnesses watched these objects for the next 30 minutes and this was whilst they still traveled towards the objects. The position of both objects, the sun, horizon and the witnesses remained the same. The distance between the witnesses and the objects only decreased in proportion to the speed they were travelling at. This would indicate that the objects were stationary.
The witnesses believed that these objects may have been many things that were man made or natural ,but after a period of time, dismissed these thoughts.
After the 30 minutes of driving, it is believed that the objects distance had decreased approximately 1 mile. This is where they were able to describe them as triangular and spherical with a ring around it. Both objects were remaining stationary to this point.
It was then that the objects commenced to throw flames from underneath them similar to rockets. Neither commenced to move and seemed to remain at that position. The witnesses stopped the car and alighted. At this point the objects were commencing to move. The higher object travelling much faster than the lower one.
The witnesses then obtained their camera and took three photographs of the objects as they moved high into the sky. The top object veered to the right whilst the lower one commenced to veer to the left. These objects remained in sunlight whilst the witnesses were in the dark.
The objects were watched by the witnesses and it is stated that both objects became black balls as the flames were emitted and remained that way. The observation time was approximately 45 minutes.
Further information was obtained in relation to the behaviour and maneuvers of the objects.
Our investigations have covered a variety of areas including the RAAF, Army, other Government Departments, Power Companies, Bureau of Meteorology, Planetarium and locals in the area , to mention a few. This investigation has taken to date some 7 months and at this stage is nearing completion.
The photographs that have been received have shown many details as to the identity of both objects. The RAAF and ARMY have forwarded information to me which discounts the possibilities of jet aircraft, missiles or rockets. Other information received has also assisted us in our investigations as to what these objects may or may not be.
As I have stated, this report is nearing completion and until all the facts have been collated and all possibilities of man made or natural phenomena eliminated, this report will remain open to investigation.

James OWEN.
North East Representative.

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