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Goughs Bay
August, 1998

We had the opportunity to travel to a small community known as Goughs Bay near Lake Eildon and only a short drive from Mansfield.
The report was of a daylight sighting and the description was of a classic saucer shaped object. The witness is an elderly farmer. It was quite obvious when discussing the subject that prior to the sighting he was very skeptical on the subject of UFO's. We made the appointment and arrived at his farm at 11am on 5th of September, 1998.

We will call this gentleman A.B. His report goes as follows;

It was around midday on Sunday the 9th of August, 1998 and I was outside working on my truck. The day was fine with only light cloud. It was warm and dry and there was no wind.

My attention was drawn to a whooshing sound, like the displacement of air and I looked in the direction of this sound which was in the east at about 30 degrees. When I first heard this sound it was not overly loud but enough to draw my attention.

What I saw was this object about the size of a tennis ball and was some distance away from my position. It was not the shape of a tennis ball. It was like two dinner plates with a dome on the top. The dome was like half a ball. The colour of the dome was a silvery white. The object was a lightish colour on the top and the bottom section was a charcoal. It was of metallic appearance.

This object was travelling directly towards me and was going fast. It was still some distance away and it was zig zagging. When it was doing this, it seemed very controlled and the distance of each movement seemed to be measured. As it changed direction the edge of the object would dip and that's the direction it would travel. It did this at least six times.
Throughout the sighting, I never took my eyes off it at all. I continually watched it. The object continued to travel in my direction and was going to pass directly overhead. When I last saw it, I would say that it was only about half a kilometre away and travelling at about 200 to 300 kph. It was going very fast. As it approached me the whooshing sound grew louder. It looked like it was over the pole in the yard and at this time it would have been about 6 feet in width. It was large. The object then passed over me but I was unable to turn my head fast enough to see it go over so I never got a good view of the underside of the object. It was travelling in a westerly direction.

I did notice, as it passed over me that the tops of the trees directly behind me were shimmering like water, similar to a helicopter that is hovering over the tops of the trees. I would hazard a guess that this object would have been no more than 200 feet above me.

I was amazed that I could not hear any engine noises nor see any means of propulsion. The object never changed shape or colour. I thought that it seemed to be loosing height but that may have been because it was travelling towards me.

As a result of the report, I have contacted authorities around the area who have no knowledge of any sightings. The Mansfield Newspaper ran a story about the sighting and to date no other witnesses to this sighting have come forward.

The inquiry is still continuing and at this stage is incomplete.

Mary-Louise OWEN.
North East Representative.

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