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Book Review - December 1998

How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

By Ann Druffel
Review by J. Owen

I started this book with an open mind and after page one, my thoughts were, "This is not your normal book on Abductions." Before I knew it the pages were slipping behind me and I found the book an exciting and refreshing view on that controversial subject. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

I have always believed that the one question upper most in the minds of Abductees is, "HOW CAN I STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN." To date there has been no answer, that is, one with any certainty. I have had this asked on more than one occasion whilst looking into the abduction scenario and truthfully I have not had a satisfactory answer.

Ann has thoroughly investigated the phenomena and I believe that it has been an exhaustive process. Not only has she battled the debunkers but has relied on her knowledge to reply to other investigators. Ufology is a subject that causes conflicting views and of course not all believe as others do.

Ann has an independent and strangely exciting approach to the subject and has taken well known encounters to investigate the possible ways of repelling the Alien intrusion. Whilst reading the ways of discontinuing the unwanted visitations, I found them to be simplistic in as much that any person found in this situation would have the ability to control his/hers predicament.

Ann has managed to relate nine resistance techniques to fend of Alien Abductions, prior, during and after the encounter. They range from Mental struggle, Physical struggle, Righteous anger, to Repellents naming but a few.

Along with this, Ann has hypothesized that the entities may have come from other dimensions arriving in our time and space. It is of interest to note that there is a great possibility that the actual Greys may not be physically or mentally superior to the human race. This is depicted in the cases that Ann examines.

Anyone that has the belief that he or she may be or has been involved in the Abduction Phenomena would find this publication an extremely rewarding experience. I would also suggest that anyone who has an interest in the subjects of UFO's or abductions will find this a most stimulating and rewarding book. A section of this book deals with other cultures and what can be told by them. As to the final chapter, I will leave you, the reader to determine the outcome and make up your minds. It is intriguing and I am sure that you will find it as interesting and informative as I have.

I personally found this good reading and suggest that it be a book you purchase to assist in the comprehension of defense against ALIEN ABDUCTION.

The book can be purchased from Crown Publishers, Inc of 201 East 50th Street, New York 10022 and is selling for $12.00 U.S.

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