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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fireballs Over Victoria
Following on from the spectacular fireball caught on video in Perth, WA, last night produced another fireball, this time over Victoria.
A witness from Mildura in the far North of the state reported a red and green fireball that broke into several pieces.

ABC News Report

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Meteor Over Perth, Western Australia
Video is available from the Seven Network for Sunday 4 December, 2005.

Quote from the Perth Observatory:
Last Saturday December 3, at about 8:50pm WAST, a spectacularly bright meteor gave a lot of people in the south-west an experience to remember. Entering the atmosphere near the south coast and travelling north-east, the fireball sported a fine tail and went from being a brilliant white at first, to finally being greenish with yellow-orange sparks towards the end of its trajectory. Sighting reports came from a wide area including Albany, Bunbury, Perth, Jurien, Northam, Coolgardie, and many points between. Many observers reported sonic booms shock waves sounding like prolonged thunder. We estimate that the trajectory went from the vicinity of Manjimup and Bridgetown, across Wagin, and onwards to a point between Southern Cross and Coolgardie: a distance of several hundred kilometres in a matter of seconds. This sort of speed is characteristic of meteors, not man-made space junk. The bolide the burning object was probably a small piece of asteroid, perhaps no bigger than a basketball. We don't expect any meteorite to be found . Usually meteors burn away completely, well above the Earth's surface ( luckily for us ground-dwellers). All that's left is dust, slowly settling ....

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