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Linda Moulton Howe
September 1997

Subject: UFO's, Crop Circles, Roswell etc.
Venue: Hotel Y CATO Conference centre YWCA Melbourne Australia
Date: 29 May 1997
Report: Jason Cowland

Linda Moulton Howe is perhaps best known for her work in Animal Mutilations over the last number of years. Most people in the UFO community will know of her publication "A Strange Harvest" which later also became a video with the same title. The opportunity to hear her speak live to 300 eager listeners on a number of UFO topics she has been working on was too good to pass up. She was introduced as an Emmy award winning journalist and to my surprise covered a number of UFO issues in detail other than Animal mutilations, such as Roswell, Crop circles, Chupacabra's and Abductions.

Linda started the night with some UFO footage from US television newsreels from March 13 1997. Unexplained flying V lights created a minor flap at this time in which the objects were reported in Northern US States and continued to be reported at the same time heading to the Southern States. The news videotape of the flying V lights reminded me of the well known Cash, Landrum case in 1980. The suspect involvement of the US militaries knowledge about these type of vehicles was present as the reports frequently speculated a possible unknown military aircraft.

Animal mutilations were next on the agenda and for those who know of Linda's work in this area there were no new earth shattering breakthroughs with the information she presented. She spoke about the type of surgical cuts, removal of organs and no apparent blood trail in the mutilations. However, one interesting note was the fact animal mutilations are not isolated to cattle alone; pigs, rabbits, deer etc. have been reported to her.

One of the new developments in the subject of UFOs is that of the Chupacabra's. Linda touched on this subject in which the audience had little knowledge of. She basically covered what has been reported in the UFO literature. She also had footage of an eyewitness who himself actually suffered wounds from an attack by one of these creatures. The wounds were puncture holes in the right forearm.

Perhaps the best footage of the night was that of Crop circles taken from the air. To see such spectacular patterns in the wheat fields almost made you forget why we where there. One piece of film actually shows the apparent formation of a Crop circle at night. It certainly is breathtaking to see the Crop circle develop from strange lights hovering over the field. However, Linda did doubt some of the film because of a break in the frames before the strange lights appear.

Almost the whole world now knows of the Santilli autopsy footage and this is one area in which I felt would not be covered because of the controversy surrounding the exposure. Linda mentioned 2 different types of autopsy footage which only the second type has been commercially shown. She presented some interesting facts about particular parts of the film, but it is still a touchy area. One needs to make up his or her own mind.

With all the publicity UFOs have been getting recently, naturally Roswell was going to be covered. After hearing Linda talk about her involvement in this case, 1 personally have much more respect for her work. Maybe because 1 thought of her work only in Animal mutilations.

Linda came across some alleged debris from the Roswell crash. Two pieces of debris were sent to her from an unnamed source who was in the military and claimed that one of his close relatives was involved in the crash clean up of 1947. Basically, after subjecting this material to a series of tests, including Mass Spectroscopy to identify element isotopes, it was discovered that one side of the debris contained element #83 Bismuth (Bi) and the other #12 Magnesium (Mg) with small traces of #30 Zinc (Zn); the Bismuth was the key. Linda had contacted a metallurgist to evaluate the findings. The metallurgist could not explain why such elements were together or how they were made. The pieces of debris were about 2.5cm long, 1.7cm wide and O.5cm in height, they consisted of layers of the above mentioned elements Bi on Mg on Bi on Mg etc.

Lockheed Aerospace was then contacted to see if they could provide any light on the subject. Lockheed was surprised at the combination of the two elements and did say that Bismuth has been experimented with in the use of nuclear power and it is known to have some magnetic field repelling characteristics. Linda then exposed the debris to a Vandegraph generator (an instrument used to produce a magnetic field) and the debris did show signs of magnetic field repulsion (videotape footage was shown to the audience to demonstrate the test). This certainly was the most interesting topic with interesting results on Linda's behalf.

The night was concluded with an abduction case of Jim Sparks and then some time to answer questions. Linda covered a wide range of topics and had other interesting things to say including thought provoking comments on Bob Lazar. Overall it was an excellent night. Although I believe Stanton Friedman is a better researcher, Linda covered her topics in more specific detail probably because of the nature of the audience; 1500 people at Dallas Brooks Hall for Stanton in November compared to 300 at the Hotel for Linda. Naturally Stanton had to be more general. Melbourne has been deprived of these nights and to be a part of it was truly spectacular.

VUFORS thanks Jason Cowland for providing this report on Linda Moulton Howes visit to Melbourne in May.
Jason is a VUFORS member who also hosts a radio program dedicated to the UFO subject.
"Encounters" can be heard on 97.9FM, Thursday nights at 10:30pm.

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