How far is...Far Out?

March 1996

By Ted Skewes
© Copyright 1996.

Several UFO commentators, most recently Marc Davenport have put forward the theory that UFOs exhibit behavior that can be explained if we accept that time is being manipulated.

Can time be manipulated?

Our human scientists have actually reached a consensus (such is the nature of science) that time, like the other dimensions, can be bent. Just as gravity can bend the space component of space-time so too can it bend time, only when time is ‘bent’, it either slows down or speeds up. This raises the most intriguing questions and it is even more amazing to note that some UFOs are flashing the answers in our eyes.

What would be the effects of a time field surrounding a craft, a field where time runs at a different rate at the source than outside of its influence? To keep it simple let’s just deal with a field where time at the craft is running slower than time some distance from the craft. Firstly, the speed of movement measured by the craft would be lower than the speed measured by an observer some distance away. "Impossible" speeds may be achievable quite easily if time can be slowed down at will. Secondly, the frequency of any radiation emitted by the craft would be ‘red shifted’ on its way to an observer at some distance, what may begin as a beam of light might end up as a beam of infra-red or at the very least the color of the light would change. These effects are not inconsistent with UFO data.

Time is however intrinsically linked with space, it is probably false logic to consider either in isolation. If time is being bent then space is being bent also. (Funny how questions of science generate more questions than answers.)

What is time anyway? ( and don’t say money!)

The time of classical physicists like Newton was absolute; time here proceeded at the same rate as time on the moon. Einstein’s theories concluded that time proceeded relative to time elsewhere, dependent on factors like gravity and speed of motion; time here passes slower (albeit not much) than time on the moon.
Quantum physics goes further, some particles are thought of as moving backwards through time, time is a two way street in the nether world of sub-atomic particles and when you consider time measurements at the infinitesimal level it’s debatable as to how time proceeds at all, smoothly or in ‘little jumps’.

Space-time can be imagined as a timescape, much like a landscape except with one extra dimension, time,
that can be experienced in the same manner as the others. It could be possible to move through the time aspect of the timescape just as you walk across, up and down the surface of a landscape. The big difference is that if you wanted to transcend the normal ‘arrow of time’ and move backwards or jump forwards, you would have to be operating in at least one extra dimension. Intriguingly, this is possible mathematically. One of the biggest cosmic mysteries is the fact that mathematics can be used at all to describe the physical world, but it enables us to describe and use the laws of physics with great accuracy. It would be rather peculiar logic to say that mathematics becomes false when taken to more than four dimensions and ceases to describe reality.

Further reading: Visitors from Time by Marc Davenport
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A Brief History Of Time, by Hawking

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