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Beveridge (City of Whittlesea)
15th January, 2004

VUFORS was contacted by a member of the media on Tuesday the 21st of January, 2004 and asked to comment on a picture that had recently been taken by an employee of the City of Whittlesea.

The employee is a traffic engineer and was taking photographs of a railway crossing in Beveridge, in Melbournes North.

A sequence of three shots were taken whilst a train was making its way across the railway crossing. The first shot shows the object, whereas, the following two shots do not.

The employee reported that he noticed nothing unusual in the sky at the time the shots were taken.

The City of Whittlesea has a page on their website regarding the photograph and also with links to the full size image.

On Friday the 23rd of January, 2004 the mainstream media of Melbourne started to publicise the photographs with much coverage on radio stations 3AW and television channels Nine and Seven.

Newspaper coverage:

VUFORS is investigating the case and will report to the City of Whittlesea and VUFORS members.


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