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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Meteor Over Victoria
Tuesday, 2nd of October 2007 at 9:55pm - "The Age" newspaper is reporting a large green coloured meteor was reported across the north of Victoria, including Melbourne suburbs and parts of South Australia.

Full story at


posted by Tony 2:39 PM  

My daughter was driving from Melton to Deer park on the night in question and observed two bright lights for a minimum of 15 minutes. These lights were directly in front of them and looked like two bright street lights. One light "went out" and about 2 minutes later the second one "went" and it was approx 10 minutes later that they saw the green coloured "meteor" and the smoke trail. When telling this to her brother in law he said he was travelling from Laverton to Melton at the same time and also saw the two lights for quite some time. He did not see the "meteor. Another Friend also saw the lights in Altona.Elaine and Fiona.
wish i got to see these things:( i live in the general area mentioned so typical i missed it. strange though, that ufo activity is usually seen when something else is happening in space like a meteor. wonder if anyone else saw what your son and daughter saw.
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