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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Six Orange Lights over Northern Suburbs
VUFORS has recieved reports of six orange lights travelling over the northern suburbs of Melbourne last night (Monday 23 August) at about 20:00.
Radio station 3AW had a caller asking about the lights also.
The sighting is under investigation.

posted by Tony 1:32 PM  

14 July 2004, approx. 10pm, six orange lights stationary over Mildura, Nth-West Vic. Were stationary horizonatally for approx. 6 mins., then slowly dispersed individually. Witnessed by 2 neighbours, and the following day, another 2 people said they had seen it. Have recently been told that a driver and passenger were followed by these lights on the same night, 10km Nth-East of Mildura and the car (well maintained) lost power and stopped. Restarted shortly after.
June,09,2005, Six bright Orange Horizontal lights seen over A.W Marion St. Park. 11:26pm Pickaway County Ohio. 1 apeared then 2 then all six horizontally about 10-12 second hover then shot different directions then 2 showed up over towards the left side of the the sky then dissapeared then shot over to the right side hovered for several seconds then dissapeared and that was the last sighting that night by me then the jets took over from there.
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